If Freudian Slip was a dish, this will surely be one of my guilty pleasures. It's like the main course or dessert I'm eagerly waiting for. Freudian Slip was introduced to me by a colleague turned best friend T. Surprisingly, T never discussed anything to me. Learning the meaning of Freudian Slip happened in a spur of a moment. Not a single word was uttered. Best of everything, learning became effortless and hilarious.

Several years ago, I was a member of the team that assisted the convention of the senior leaders at the workplace. There was female Colleague A who served as our team leader. Before the afternoon session, Colleague A gave last minute instructions. Everyone was busy gathering materials and ensuring that everything is in order. A few minutes before our deployment, I noticed that Colleague A was trying to call the attention of male Colleague B. And because Colleague A was too occupied, it seems that she has forgotten the first name of Colleague B.

A little back story, most colleagues have expressed doubt about the real gender of Colleague B. As you can sense it, Colleague B is suspiciously tagged as a closeted member of the happy and gay community.  

The sudden memory gap moments, I guess it happens to everyone. However, it wasn't the memory gap moment that made everything hilarious. Colleague A suddenly called Colleague B as, "Baby Girl." The exact words Colleague A uttered for Colleague B was, 

"Baby Girl,  Baby Girl, eto oh may nakalimutan ka."

OMG! Everyone inside the room pretended to be more busy. No one dared to look at each other. I prevented making any eye encounter with my best friend T. There's a 100% guarantee that T and I will burst to full laughter once our eyes meet. Everyone was obviously suppressing their laughter. One person's chuckle is more than enough to make the room erupt to full laughter. 

It was a good thing that Colleague A's reflexes and presence of mind came in immediately. Colleague A instead called the attention of Colleague C, who happens to be the youngest female member of our team. Escape goat or in local parlance, sh*t p%^&  lumusot ! Colleague A even rendered a fake cover up. She tried to reprimand Colleague C. But God knows, everyone in the room was aware of what Colleague A really meant. 

That was a perfect showcase of Freudian Slip! This was what my best friend T uttered when we were left inside the room. And sure enough, I don't need to ask for further explanations. In a snap, I fully understood the meaning of Freudian Slip. I love the concept so much to the extent that witnessing a person creating his own Freudian Slip moment has become one of my parameters for happiness. Hahahaha Sorry, I know. I'm mean.

While I have been a constant spectator of incidences of Freudian Slip, I will not deny the fact that I had my own share. Yes, I was caught in the act several times. My unconscious mind overpowered me.

Before the week ended, male Colleague S related an incident he witnessed from another department. Colleague S was talking to one of the Academic Supervisors when their superior, the Academic Director entered the office. As described by Colleague S, it seems that the Academic Director was losing her patience. She was asking why no one is coming over for the scheduled meeting. The Academic Supervisor reasoned out that all the while, she thought that the meeting was already cancelled. She was claiming that an Office Assistant informed everyone that the meeting will not push through. The Academic Director left the office and probably verified the statement claimed by the Academic Supervisor. Not too long after, the Academic Director returned and declared that she never told anyone to cancel the meeting. According to Colleague S, the Academic Director appeared irritated, demanding and was losing her composure.

After relating the incident, Colleague S was consistent in showcasing his disappointment with the Academic Director. Colleague S was telling me that the Academic Director's action was becoming unprofessional. He further emphasized the premise that the Academic Supervisors are doctoral degree holders and have advanced degrees. Hence, they don't deserve such rudeness from the Academic Director.

I wasn't in the mood to engage to some discourse with Colleague S. Gaaahd, I'm tired. I'm devoting my remaining energy to commuting and the irritating summer weather. However, there were points in Colleague S's statement that ignited my emotions. When Colleague S was starting to use the premise of PhDs, doctoral degrees and all those advanced degrees as a precursor to respect, I felt the need to stand up for my belief. I told Colleague S that at least in my perception, I don't consider advanced and multiple academic achievements as requirements for respect. I was trying to bring out that idea that educational attainment is not a gauge for respect.

I should have emphasized that everyone deserves to be respected, regardless of educational attainment. The idea of imposing respect because of higher educational attainment is a lame and screwed. Educational attainment represent mere achievement pieces. Respect is something else. 

Turns out, I ended saying that I don't get impressed with people with PhDs and all those multiple alphabets after their last name. 

Spur of the moment.

I was caught in the act.

My unconscious overpowered me.

I'm not sure if Colleague S felt offended because he was pursuing his doctoral degree then. Fine, I screwed up myself. Hahaha In my younger years, I will surely feel bothered after the incident. Much to my surprise, my mind and heart connived and made me a different person. I decided not to hold back. I embraced my own Freudian Slip moment. I never felt sorry for voicing out my opinion. OMG, my Kris Aquino hormones are overpowering the Kate Middleton in me. Hahahahahaha

P.S. I'm not absolutely underestimating the capabilities of people with doctoral degrees. My opinion only applies to the few, who seem to be obsessed with titles, position and all those alphabet extensions after their last name. I just don't buy the idea of using these achievements to demand and impose respect.