In my mind, I still feel that summer has just started. When I checked my calendar, reality came in. One summer month down!  Most of my colleagues are already enjoying their month long "paid" leave. In my case, I still have to report everyday. Although I have a little breather because I'm forced to consume my excess vacation leave credits. My working days has been reduced to four times a week. However, upon checking my leave status last week I overlooked another set of leave credit statistics. Lucky problems? Not really. My work load has been reduced but due to other unforeseen circumstances, I have to say that this is not the best time to become absent at work.

Setting aside this uninteresting aspect of my life, here are snapshots of  my past week. 

Intramuros hits! - Intramuros is a haven for photographers and writers. Working near this area gives me a little privilege. There's just so many interesting things to blog about this historical site. More than a historical landmark, there is a residential site, informal sector activities and a lot more underrated areas to explore. Little by little, I'll try my best to showcase more interesting activities in Intramuros. 

Season ending - The ambivalence at the workplace ... It's a month of conflicting emotions because of the upcoming graduations. Once all the activities subside, all the silence start to creep in. Dark and empty hallways and the quiet grounds that used to be a chaos of different student related activities. On the contrary, it's during these quiet months when the Plumeria tree near our workstation starts to bloom. 

And here's to more quiet afternoons and summer days at the workplace.... This used to be a parking lot extension for students and employees. Given the lesser populace reporting at the workplace, there's suddenly an abundance of silence and spaces. 

This humongous grill machine - My favorite burger stand outside the workplace uses this grill machine to prepare the best cheeseburgers. 

Wai Ying - Thanks to my students J, A and L for the mini Binondo tour and dinner at Wai Ying.

While everyone craves for chocolate as their comfort food, mine is always bacon and all those fats and carbs!! Speaking of cravings, I need to lose some weight now (Like, I have always been saying this forever?!?!!) because I have achieved another record high in the weighing scale. @#$%^!

Thaicoon - A little foodie discovery after a long day at work at Lucky Chinatown in Binondo. Thanks to my friend A for giving in to my cravings. 

Chevy Burger - Hometown is love. This is another addition to my favorite burger joints. The little space didn't disappoint because they have the cheapest and tastiest burgers in my hometown. 

Supporting a blog friend - Hi Duni! I'm loving the cards I ordered from your Society 6 shop. 

Obsessed with my cousin's Japanese bike - If only I know how to bike. :) I can actually use the bike but I don't have the balance to sustain it.

Unexpected sleepovers - are the best! My reduced working days permitted me to have movie nights, sleep overs and some stupid dubsmash with these kiddies. :)