April is already over. One summer month down. April ended with so much activities for me. After two years, I finally made another trip abroad. My wish is to travel once every year. While my time can accommodate, my budget doesn't. Hahaha My next trip will probably happen after two to three years. 

I just got home from my early morning flight. Too bad, I never felt sleepy when I arrived home. When sleepiness started to attack me, I need to make myself awake to witness what was tagged as the fight of the century. Unfortunately, the judges' decision prevailed.. as always. Ktnxbye. Hahaha I guess I don't need to elaborate my sentiments. 

Meanwhile, here are the few beautiful things that made my week

Thank you Cebu Pacific for the front seats and bringing me to my destination just in time. Oh yes, Cebu Pacific did not fail me. Everything went well except for the very crowded and sizzling hot NAIA Terminal 3. The long holiday break attracted a lot of locals and tourists arriving to and departing from Manila. Surprisingly, the queue in the immigration is fast. And unlike my previous trip, I landed to a courteous Immigration Officer. 

Snippets of my past trip

I have so much stories and realizations from my past trip. One great "learning" I refuse to "learn," travel companions will shape half the outcome of any trip. And seriously, I miss my original travel buddies including my bestfriend T. Given our current circumstances, it's quite impossible to contain us in one trip again. 

Days before my trip

I went to Dermcare for some waxing services. I was impressed with the interiors and the bath tub that is so inviting. There will surely be next time Dermcare. :)

Jollibee's Reese's Chocolate Ice cream - This is heaven for both the intense summer heat and those occasional quarter life crisis attacks. :)

It arrived Mother E! - Thank you Mother E, your gift welcomed me after my tiring early morning flight.  And yes to our next meet up as suggested by Leah. Let's go to Greenhills! :)