1. I almost got bald after undergoing a hair treatment from this highly franchised chain of beauty salon. I went as much as pursuing a legal case. The owner never got the balls to face me. Oh well, he was never a "he" in the first place.

2. I was one of the millions of Filipinos who lined up to audition for Pinoy Big Brother. I got short listed and later backed out because of a better opportunity at work.

3. I confessed my feelings to a guy I really really like. I was ignored or perhaps, he decided to remain silent. I made all means to discover his real sentiments. I forgot about everything and met him again years later for work. 

4. I once won a brand new car from a raffle draw. Only to get frustrated because I cannot afford the taxes to acquire the car.

5. I flunked my first Algebra subject in High School. In college, my story was the complete opposite.

6. A freelance client did not settle my professionals fee.  The client vanished after I submitted my work. Years after, the client returned and gifted me an item from Louis Vuitton. 

7. I always unintentionally receive the most coveted windows seat during my plane rides back to the Philippines or at least in Manila. 

8. I prevented a number of people to acquire their degree because I pursued plagiarism cases against them.

9. I prefer to be semi-anonymous in this blog because I hate to be associated with my family's political lineage. 

10. I don’t know how to bike. I never learned the art of balancing. The only thing I can balance are linear equations in Algebra. Hahaha 

Now that you read the entire post, I have an important announcement to make. 

HAPPY APRIL FOOLS' DAY! Hahahahahahahahaha

But seriously, only 5 of the 10 items are true. The remaining items are either half-true or not true at all.