Last week at work tomorrow! I will probably be staying home for the Holy Week break. My family is as always, more than contented with movie marathons, afternoon naps, unhealthy fastfood deliveries, yakiniku dinners, barbecue and late night picnics. I hope one of my paternal cousins will organize a mini-reunion that entails a long day of stories and foodie indulgences. While waiting for this short holiday break, let me share the few good things that made the last week.

Calbee's Jagabee is finally in the Philippine market - Kim!!! I'm no longer drooling over your IG post. Calbee is Japanese company known to produce varied potato snacks. I believe they are considered as the Japanese pioneer in this type of business. I can't remember the first time I tasted Jagabee Potato Fries. If I'm not mistaken, I receive a canister from a relative who went to Japan. I was surprised when I found real french fries. As you can see, I had more than enough servings of Jagabee. I tried the three variants in one week and my favorite is Garlic. 

Another delicious Japanese snack - Anyone who knows the brand that cater this Japanese biscuit? This was generously shared by the Big Boss to everyone in the office. I love the blend of salt, cheese and almond in this very tiny biscuit.

Chocolate sprinkled doughnuts - Thank you Dunkin Donuts for the dose of chocolate energy every lousy and sleepy mornings at work. :)

Ube Pinipig Crunch from Selecta - Classic! Pinipig crunch is my all time favorite popsicle coated ice cream. While others would crave for Magnum, I'm all contented with a cheap Pinipig crunch.

Mornings on the way to work - is always a battle. Hahaha I've been working for 10 years and it's quite a shame that I haven't even stepped to this mini park near the workplace.

Guess where am I? 

The afternoon trips to the Post Office are the best. Never mind the sun and heat, they are still tolerable at this point. No one can argue about the picture perfect Philippine Postal Corporation. Another reason to love the Philpost, this is perhaps the only government agency that does not collect long queue of lines. All transactions made in Post Office happen in a breeze.

Found some piece of beauty on the way to the Post Office - These blue flowers, blue metal fences and a small tree are not hard to admire. Anyone who knows the name of the flower? 

Late night cake night -  After a full meal from Zark's Burgers, my friend A and I decided to walk along Taft Avenue. In the middle of everything, we decided to check out the famous Becky's Kitchen. More than the delicious cakes, I fell in love with the old white house. 

Burger night out with A - Thanks A for the birthday treat!!! What a perfect way to feed your burger addict friend. I intentionally skipped afternoon snacks for this huge dinner treat. Haha

Pardon my "porous" face - It's no so often that I find a real and effective beauty product. I purchased the little bottle of eRAse solution because it claims to lighten the stubborn and ugly scars brought by wounds and acne. I never expected anything remarkable with this Php 99 purchase. Much to my surprise, this very cheap product works! The huge acne scar I got last December is starting to peel and fade away. I will try to do a separate post for this. :)