In the middle of the week, I had an unexpected reunion with my few paternal cousins. How timely  because I have been on house-work arrest over the last weeks. No movie or mall dates, just some online shopping escapades (I'm so bad), unhealthy fast-food meals, movie marathons and as always, zzzzzzz. For those who know me well, having more than 8 hours of undisturbed sleep is one important indicator of happiness. Hahaha 

A day before the presentation of my project (Thank God, I'm done) my cousin invited me for a dinner treat. It came in perfect timing because I needed those light and humorous moments. My cousin chose this small, quaint and hidden restaurant in our hometown. At that time I wasn't initially interested with the food and place. I just wanted to see my cousins and have a great time. Turns out, I was given a full treat. I had: great food + great place + great people = perfect way to end the day!!!

I was never familiar with Beeffalo despite being existent in my hometown for quite some time. Because I don't often explore my own hometown, I got lost and noticed a series of unique restaurants around. Like Beeffalo, I discovered a number of old houses being transformed to quaint restaurants. I hope this becomes a trend in Marikina. I love old houses and to make them as restaurants is both eye and stomach candy for me. :)

This has to be my favourite place in Beeffalo. I love the al fresco dining experience. What used to be a small garden was installed with small bulb lights and classic wooden benches. When I will have my own place, I will surely make something like this. A garden with wooden benches, few ornamental plants and green grass, and floating bulb lights are ideal for those late night picnics with my family.

We didn't stay in the garden, but my cousin chose the equally beautiful porch.

And what I had for dinner


I failed to see the air conditioned area of the restaurant. What I know for sure though, I will still choose the al dresco dining experience when I visit Beeffalo again. And yes, Beeffalo is worth another visit.