A few weeks ago, I had an unexpected trip to the mall with my "fat cousins." I spent the entire afternoon with them and before we parted ways, someone's generosity hormones were activated. Haha We decided to cap the night with a belly heavy dinner. 

Unlike me, my cousins have been to Fat Cousins a number of times. Everyone was raving about the steak that comes with unlimited rice and drinks. I'm a sucker for everything unlimited. Haha I was about to ask even if the same rule applies to the steak. Hahaha 

It was Sunday night and as expected, we were greeted with the flock of customers. The place was jampacked. This may look inconvenient on our part but like what everyone says, a populated restaurant is an indicator of great food. 

The menu is quite limited. On the positive side, this makes the selection process easier. I decided to have t-bone steak. While waiting for our orders, I took time to explore the place. I thought the entire restaurant was limited to the air-conditioned area. The place extends to a backyard that offers al fresco dining experience. If given the chance, I would have chosen the wider space outside. I learned that the restaurant also allows private events in the secluded backyard.

It took around 15 minutes before our orders arrived. Don't be deceived with the small size of my t-bone steak. What I thought as a thin and shallow steak came with overflowing strips of tender meat. While my cousin's baby back ribs is no doubt, filled with the much needed taste and servings. 

All value meals come with unlimited rice and drinks. So given the price tag, I believe the prices are more than reasonable. Same story goes with their customer service. Despite the bulk of customers, the service crews were accommodating and responsive. And the interiors of the place, I love the industrial theme! Everything is instagram worthy.

Fat Cousins Diner
BG Molina Street
Parang, Marikina City
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