This weekend! I badly needed it. I have been deprived of sleep for two weeks already. My remaining freelance work is challenging me to the fullest. I have yet to regain my long lost productivity for my day job. I'm taking a little break even though there are still a number of tasks in my list. 

I'm loving my laid back weekend. I had more than eight hours of sleep. When I woke up, it started to rain. The temperature turned a little colder. I love it! I had home cooked meals. I captured a few photos in the afternoon, while listening to Amy Grant's playlist. My favorite has to be The Lucky One. I plan to end the day watching some feel good movies. I'm tempted to call food delivery. But when I checked my wallet, I felt the biggest heartache. Hahahaha Me and my wallet have to survive until the 15th. Hahahaha I might as well content myself from what's inside the fridge. Only to later see kang kong (water spinach) string beans, tomatoes and sweet potato. Talk about having another heartache. Hahahaha Before I finally die of heartache hahaha, let me share the few beautiful things that made the past week.

A few weeks ago I complained about my sore throat that usually mutates to colds and ends with cough. I thought I was well after a week. Monday came, I woke up with another case of sore throat. I thought I will have my usual sickness cycle again. Turns out, I will be nursing the worst case of sore throat. I didn't anymore take lozenges. I don't want to buy another bottle of Bactidol. I felt that all the commercial medicines are failing me. I remember reading somewhere about the benefits of honey and calamansi.  I started the honey + calamansi juice last Friday. I started to feel better in the afternoon and much to my surprise, the sore throat was gone on Saturday. Problem is, I'm starting to feel cough and I started to sound different. Hello bedroom voice. Hahaha I have that hoarse sound again. 

It was only last week when I realized the power of these two tubes. I have been reading great feedback about VMV products. I bought this last year only to have it set aside because I love the tub of Innisfree sleeping mask from my Korean friend. I decided to bring this at the workplace instead. 

I have this unusual habit of washing my face as soon as I arrived at the workplace. I cannot start work unless I have washed my face. Unfortunately, my skin will later feel so rough and dry. My face will eventually refuse any powder or make up. I remember the unused tube of VMV moisturizer at home. This can probably help me address my little problem, especially after my skin has been bombarded with two hours of sleep. Much to my surprise, VMV served me well and came with additional benefits! My skin felt soft and supple. Now I understand why most beauty advices emphasized the need for moisturizers.

Neutrogena's Deep Clean Brightening has become my trusted and favorite facial wash. It's quite expensive at least for my budget. A few months ago, Watsons sold each tube 50% off its original price. I tried it and since then, I never used any other facial wash. I love the instant lightening effect. Yes, I swear to its capability to turn my skin a shade lighter after just one wash.

Testing another Tsubaki product - I'm using Tsubaki's conditioner for damaged hair. It was the scent that captured my attention. But honestly, I don't care much about the dominating scent. I hope this works well because... its price tag almost killed me. :)

 Thank you Marieken for the vintage postcard again. Love the photo of the kids!

Loving the rare cold and rainy weather!

I started writing this post on a Saturday night. I didn't notice that it will be Sunday in a few minutes. I more than thankful for this quiet and relaxing weekend. But I will surely be more thankful when someone will treat me for a great and sinful KFC delivery. Hahahaha