Last day of January. In a snap, the first month of 2016 is over. I will remember January as the period when a number of my freelance works were completed. I was able to visit a new place. Met my #CathKidstonSisterhood. I was able to watch two great local movies. I finished a book. I overspent and went a bit shocked with some unexpected bills. I was surprised with some doctor's prescription. I had some drama episodes along the way. Hahaha But my greatest struggle, my long lost productivity (translation : laziness) Hahaha 

The here comes February, I have deadlines to beat. I'm so great. I'm so dead. Haha If there are things I wish for, it include, finishing my remaining freelance works, more time to sleep, Korean drama marathon and to finally have that much awaited decluttering tradition. I failed to do it before 2015 ended. I'm currently reading Marie Kondo's book and I guess, the timing is perfect. I hope I can imbibe the KonMari approach. 

While I'm still trying to figure out how to work my way and capture that long lost productivity, I'm giving myself a break. I decided to squeeze in my regular Sunday post.  

When you buy things you don't actually need - Number one enemy of KonMari hahaha I've being eyeing the cute socks from Iconic. I felt so rich during payday Friday given the fact that I still have bills to pay. Hahaha I purchased this pair of cute socks. It's just so meee. 

Finally, a postpaid subscriber - with some hassles along the way. I've been a prepaid subscriber for decades. I never had problems with my prepaid sim at all. On the rare times I travel abroad, I'm impressed with how my prepaid sim served me well. So why the sudden shift? When I purchased a new mobile phone, my old prepaid sim is no longer compatible. I attempted to have my old prepaid sim transferred to a new sim. Not that I was totally rejected, but most service branches reasoned that they don't have stocks for new sim cards to accommodate my request. This made me feel that at the end of the day, prepaid subscribers are treated like secondary clients. Hence, I decided to apply for a postpaid line. I had no problems with the approval, the succeeding processes were unfortunately not the service I have expected. 

The PiP Studio Planner is love it matches with some of my favorite things. I'm quite surprised that I have been consistent writing entries over the last weeks. 

Still receiving some Christmas cards lately - Thank you Marieken!

Vintage postcard! This will surely be one of my favorites for 2016. Thanks again Marieken.

Thank you for the inspirational card and the heart warming message Terra. 

I'm typing this post on a Saturday night. Hoping that I'll get that much needed spark to finish my remaining freelance work. I planned to work on everything from midnight till dawn. But my sleepyhead is telling me to do otherwise. I might as well sleep and accomplish everything tomorrow instead. Gaaaahd I need all the motivation and hardwork in the world tomorrow morning.