I've been overwhelmed with the amount of work in my list. I'm still struggling with my day job. That long lost productivity! I'm progressing but I'm not contented with my working pace. That one last freelance work whose closure remains elusive. But who am I to complain when there's a little money in the bag.

There's nothing new going on with my life now. Obviously, my face is screaming WORK. In between the busy week, I finished Marie Kondo's book and I was able to squeeze in some decluttering. However, I knew that this sudden decision is contrary to the KonMari approach,which emphasizes that decluttering should be done in a one time big time basis. More of this in my next post. I felt the need to write my thoughts about Marie Kondo's book. 

A few days ago, I have encountered a number of blog posts about Hong Kong. I miss the place. The place maybe overrated but as my friend D. Coleen said, there's something about Hong Kong that makes it worth coming back. More than shopping, I actually enjoy the food, trains, the rare mountain ranges to Ngong Ping and surprises along the way. In my immediate environment, I heard friends and family members booking their trips to Hong Kong. Now I feel more envious. I don't have travel plans this year. There are other priorities except if there's something that arises from work.  

It's 1:00 am in the morning. I've been switching TV channels, no good movie, documentary or drama series to entertain me. I ended with the Tagalized version of Sandra Bullock's Miss Congeniality. This made me remember the piles of movies in my devices. Why does watching a movie feels like a chore now. Hahaha Before I bore and annoy everyone with my monotonous life, let me share the few good things that made the week.

Random and impulsive buy from Dulcinea - The pastel colors of these sinful meringue cookies are too hard to resist. Happiness that costs Php 50 and more than a thousand calories for my belly. Hahaha 

One of the reasons why I gained weight is my lack of sleep. I have read a number of medical books explaining the correlation of the two. When you lack sleep, the body is deprived of rest, which is essential for its normal functioning. In my case, sleep has been ruining me since January. A body that lacks sleep creates different adverse effects. One of which is my resistance to everything sinful. One medical practitioner even explained that our body becomes too "needy" when we lack sleep. We become demanding in all aspects... which in my case covers FOOD... sinful food to be exact. Because I always feel so tired and sleepy, I often end up rewarding myself with as you can see in the photo, Cath Kidston and milkshake. Hahahaha  

And food again - A few days ago, I felt the need to drop by an insurance company along the historic Escolta Manila. I decided to have lunch in the old Tropical Hut. How many can still remember? Food may not be great but for some unexplained reason, I love this food chain. Its last few branches in Marikina already shut down operations. I miss my favorite chicken sandwich including the waiting time for every order. Hahaha Everything is freshly prepared in this food chain.

Another find in Escolta - This studio always have the quirkiest and out of this world display. 

Unexpected finds from Book Sale - Hello Mother E! I've been looking for the classic hardbound series of Nancy Drew. I'm glad to have found at least one. As bonus, I love the black leaves. :)

The Tale of Peter Rabbit is another all time favorite. This is one of those books I love but never had the chance to own a copy. Finally!

Thank you for the postcard Marieken! I have been receiving something every week from my dear friend. Thanks M!

A sudden ensemble of my favorite color... can you guess what? Hahaha