This week marked the real ending of my documentation project. Our President and CEO finally received the much awaited recognition from the highest office in the country. The entire day was filled with first time experiences. The last time I saw the highest office was ages ago. I was in fifth grade and had the chance to visit its museum.

I tried my best to recall when did the project start. I traced my last posts and this was the earliest I encountered. It was two years in the making. We already learned the success of our project last June.  Fast forward now, it took months before the awarding ceremonies was scheduled. I wasn't expecting to be included in the list of employees joining the ceremonies. As far as I know, only the vice presidents and managers are entitled. Barely a few days before the event, my superior informed us of the event. Panic mode on, I have nothing to wear. The first instruction was to wear Filipiniana. The last minute, my superior made other plans. I already purchased a Filipiniana inspired shawl. I dressed down and rummaged my cabinet for the lone LBD (little BLUE dress). Setting aside the little stress, all the wait and worries since 2013 were worth it. I can claim that I have done something good in my life. This also proves what an older friend told me many years ago. The Big Boss above does not deny prayers and wishes with the best intentions.

Before tears accompany me again, here are the other beautiful things that made my week. 

Meeting one of my favorite bloggers, our role model for frugality!!! Thank you Edel of Life in Manila. Edel works with the office handling the event. I messaged her a few days before. At that time, I wasn't sure if I will be included in the list of guests. I took chance and everything just happened. Too bad because I didn't have any camera with me. It was restricted for guests, which I completely understood. But I was quite lucky ;) Edel saved the day. So I had a little remembrance posted from her Instagram account. The rare times you can see me looking decent on a dress. Thanks Edel for devoting some time and for this present too!

Immediately after the awarding ceremonies, I thought I will be asked to return to the office. We were treated to a celebratory lunch. All the more I was surprised because we went to La Cocina de Tita Moning, the restaurant where Edel dabbles as a tour guide. 

I was on a semi-loser mode here. Imagine being brought to a very beautiful place without any camera. I never bothered to bring my camera because it was restricted during the awarding ceremonies anyway. I only had my lousy camera phone. Worst, my phone's battery was beginning to drain. These were the few captures I made.

I swear, the place looks better than my poor photos. 

The living room is the most expensive part of the house because of the paintings!

It felt like Christmas! I was treated to a five course meal with the highest people at the workplace. It was a rare and I believe, once in a lifetime opportunity for me. 

One of the best things I'm looking forward this week is the long weekend. An extended weekend break is the best! I had a great start with my grandfather, auntie and cousins. 

Marikina Hits! - Out of nowhere, my cousins treated us for merienda last Friday. The man in the middle is my grandfather who's turning 91 before the year ends. Can weekends be forever like this?

As I was cleaning my things, I remembered having this book from Bobbi Brown. It is filled with inspiring messages and stories about women. If laziness will not attack me, I might write a review about this coffee table book.

And as always, long weekend is all about great food starting with forever favorite, Becky's Swiss Chocolate Cake. :) 

I checked my calendar and realized that this will be the last Sunday of September. How fast time flies. I'm facing the last few months of 2015. Hopefully, the next months will be filled with better and happier memories ahead.