The past week was supposedly a regular workweek. But a lot came along the way. I had a scheduled leave on Monday. I reported for work on Tuesday feeling something different ....on my eyes. I joined my family who has been suffering from sore eyes. Hahaha I was the last to be infected but mine was the worst. It came with some unexplained colds and fever. I decided to stay home on Wednesday and much to my surprise, I underestimated the power of sore eyes. My other eye was inflamed and half-closed for an entire day. My vision was impaired.  Added to this, I never knew that sore eyes can be that painful. Blinking felt like having regular pinching sensations. I wanted to sleep but waking up meant a little effort. The dried mucus secretions made it difficult to open my eyes. I have to sprinkle water on my eyes, but it meant another set of tingling pain again. I wanted to watch TV but my vision was impaired. My only consolation was my iPad. However, I didn't anticipate that even the glare of mobile devices can hurt. So the ending, I was idle the entire day. It gave me enough time to rest.

I spent only a day to rest. I reported for work even though my eyes still have evident redness. The blessing in disguise, I was able to accomplish a lot of tasks. The one-day sick leave made me productive the next day. I was able to accomplish a pending task over the last months. One down! I'm not sure and I find it weird, but my skin looked better during the peak of the infection. Must be because of the adequate sleep and reduced use of makeup. My skin was behaving well! The rare times I had not-so-oily and not-so-dry skin. I was also starting to believe that Tobradex (the eye drops that I used) created some good side effects to my skin. Hahahahaha But seriously, I'm feeling way better now. I still have that reddish residue on my eyes. Whenever I check my eyes, I imagine that I was a character in those supernatural fantasy horror drama series. A fox that transforms to a human being Hahahahahahahaha

Truth is, I dreamt about it during my afternoon nap. Blame it on Kim Tae Hee's Forbidden Love / Nine Tailed Fox. Haaaay, why so pretty, Kim Tae Hee? I wouldn't bother to finish the 16 episodes had it not because of my ultimate Korean girl crush. In case anyone will be interested with this drama series, don't watch it if you are having a bad day. Plot and execution wise, it was great. No traces of predictability and the turn out of events were reasonable. Not like in local drama series where some unexplained character suddenly comes in because the producer says so. Hahahaha Problem is, the entire series is very sad and tragic. Much of Kim Tae Hee's drama series actually meant having a heart breaking ending. (The one that can make you feel sad for a few days, hahahaha)  I wonder when will she have another lighter and shallow romantic comedy series like My Princess. Surprisingly, the main villain in her recently concluded drama series, Yong-pal, was her leading man in Forbidden Love. All the more I wanted to watch Yong-pal! But I believe my heart and mind is too exhausted or just so much carried away (hahahaha) with heavy drama series. I need to detoxify (for the lack of term, hahahaha) with some romantic comedy flix. 

Aside from this unexpected surprise last week, here are the better surprises that came along

Love all the way from Germany - Thank you Duni! I will treasure this handmade clutch. The best about handmade, it's a real labor of love and indeed, one-of-a-kind. 

Surprises from Marieken - I love the vintage playing card and the very unique card. I don't often encounter a blogger who share my age and interest for everything vintage, including postal mail. Thanks Marieken!

Someone having a great time in Cayman Islands remembered me :) Thank you Jeannie!

The wreath stamp meant I have another wonderful letter from Terra. Thanks Terra!

The feel of my favorite time of the year - I've been dreaming of owning a white Christmas Tree!

I have the need to report for work this Sunday. Blame the class suspension last Friday... that somehow worked on my advantage. Hahaha More time to rest my eyes and prevent the transfer of infection. I hope everything turns out well today. :)