Truth to be told, I'm not motivated to blog anything today. All I wanted to do is curl up on my bed, sleep forever, and be in the company of my best friends. How I miss T and my Ninang I. They are the two persons who can bring out the best in me especially when everything else is becoming unfair. One thing sure, this test will never take away the best of me. I can't wait for the day when I will look back and say, I survived. I have redeemed myself. A year or months from now, I shall look back on this post with a better outlook in life. I have become a better and stronger person then. 

While everything is still a work in progress, let me share some random photos from my past trip.

On the way to Ngong Ping Village -  The steep roads,bougainvilleas and trees felt like I'm going to Baguio or Tagaytay :)

Day 2 in Hong Kong - I finally got to see Harbour City and Canton Road

Movie and Pizza - I found this Pizza Stand near the Star Ferry Terminal from Hong Kong Island. The pizza doesn't look appetizing (sorry) but design wise, I love it. :)

The face of contrast - On the right is the strip of different 5-star hotels and casino. Just across the street is a university and the traditional side of Macau.

Avoiding the tourist trap 

Sometimes I find happiness landing on places not often visited or chosen by tourists. 

The past week and the upcoming week has been and will surely be tough for me. Whatever it takes, I will surely make a way to escape.