I was able to finally see Hong Kong's famous harbor. This never happened to me during my first trip to Hong Kong. Back then, I was limited from the night time view in the Avenue of Stars. This time however, I was able to ride Hong Kong's old school ferry. It's that ferry sailing from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island. 

One thing I learned from this trip, Hong Kong's weather is likewise crazy. :) It was scorching hot when we left Urban Pack Hostel. When we reached the ferry station, it was starting to drizzle. Even though my photos were filtered, the clouds really manifested gloominess. It was relaying an upcoming rain. 

I love the old school ferry! I was amazed with the preserved wooden structures inside. 

We took another bus that will take us to The Peak. Another first for me, I finally had the chance to try the double decker bus. I love the travel time to The Peak. The road gave me the perfect view of  Hong Kong Island and all those high rise buildings. Along the way, I noticed the beautiful structures situated on the mountains. I assume that these residential sites belong the upper class citizens of Hong Kong. The entire trip felt like seeing Baguio and Tagaytay in Hong Kong. 

Arrival at The Peak

This was the best capture I made. The clouds and the threat of an upcoming rain somehow ruined the view. 

This shot reminded me of another source of unfulfilled traveler's dream. :( I also don't have that obligatory photo of myself here. 

This is something I wanted to try! But as you can sense it, it never happened. One travel companion discouraged us to try the Tram and the long lines gave them enough reason to skip this. 

I wanted to purchase all the "sh*t" statements here. :)

And this is where the real frustration came in...

I knew beforehand that we will not be visiting Madame Tussauds. It was scrapped out of our itinerary, as suggested by one our travel companions. I agree that the entrance fee is quite steep. But for the purpose of fulfilling the need of the traveler in me, I'm willing to splurge. (Tip: It's cheaper to buy tickets online using your credit card.)  I was outnumbered by everyone's choice. The trip was not just all about me so I decided to give in. But then again, part of me feels incomplete. Whether Madame Tussauds is overpriced or not, I wanted to see it for myself.

All the more I felt sad when I saw the postcards at the exit point of Madamme Tussauds. You can send postcards to yourself and friends for a minimal fee.

There was a little incident that somehow ruined my mood during our trip to The Peak. I went to the toilet area with TC. We parted ways and given that half of the toilet area for the females are not westernized, it took me some time before I had my turn. When I went out, TC was no longer around. I texted and never received any reply at all. Much of my time was spent looking for TC and my other travel companions. Turns out, TC went shopping because there was a Coach outlet in the area. I wasn't able to maximize my stay at The Peak. Should I know that my other travel companions made their own way, I should have made my own exploration as well. I felt stupid and had that, ang bobo ko lang moment

The itinerary I made included a half day trip to Ocean Park. In the middle of our trip, it was scrapped away. I was outnumbered. 'Wag na daw. I gained another source of frustration but then again, I reminded myself that the trip was not for myself. In the end, I consoled myself by giving in to that Coach outlet at The Peak Galleria. I don't want to go home as a total loser. To compensate for that unfulfilled dream, I decided to entertain myself with my first Coach bag. Truth to be told, I wasn't totally consoled. I'm a self confessed shopaholic but give me the chance to choose from traveling vs. shopping, I will still choose travel and EXPERIENCE. A Louis Vuitton or a trip to Cambodia, I will still choose the travel opportunity. Travel does not happen everyday, especially for the struggling working professionals like me. Hence, when I have the opportunity to travel, I want to ensure that I will be able to see everything. Shopping can happen anytime. But the chance to travel and collect new experiences, it will take a lot of effort for everything to connive and happen again. Oh well, just my two cents.