The opportunity to leave the workplace earlier rarely happens. Given that I finished two projects before the week ended, I thought I deserve a little reward. A pat on the back? It would be really nice to receive one. Since it rarely or never happens, I might as well implement my own reward system. :) In the middle of the week, I was successful in tagging my dearest friend A to try a new place. I have been hearing nice reviews among friends and colleagues about Mad for Pizza. Everyone was attracted to their DIY pizza. I haven't tried Project Pie and any of those similar restaurants. So I guess Mad for Pizza is a good start for me.

I'm not familiar with prices of similar DIY pizzas available in the market. But for Php 288, I guess the price is just fine. 

We were given this slip of paper for our much awaited DIY pizza. :) #Excited! The best thing about Mad for Pizza, you pay the same amount of Php 288, regardless of the number of toppings chosen. 

The standard pizza size is good for 2 to 3 persons. 

We also ordered nachos. I love that the nacho chips are crisp and thin. The sauce also had the rare sweet chili taste. 

Drinks are placed in a mason jar. Although I was looking for Coke or any soda product, which I believe pairs well with pizza and nachos. They only offer iced tea, lemonade and other juice products. Tip : If you are unsure about your drinks, you can ask for free samples. :)

The entire restaurant has the vibe of the 80s.

We spent less than Php 500 for everything. We were initially worried about the outcome of our pizza. Our choices didn't fail us. Our first DIY pizza turned out great. We love the crust, abundant toppings and the fresh ingredients used. We were also surprised with how fast our orders were served. I also love the industrial and 80s atmosphere of the restaurant. Cleanliness wise, the restaurant is very well maintained. More importantly, customer service was great. The service crew are very knowledgeable and patient in answering queries. 

Given my first experience, I will definitely come back at Mad for Pizza. I'm willing to give it 5 out of 5 stars. Great food, customer service and value for money! Mad for Pizza is now included in my list of favorites.

Mad for Pizza
4th Floor SM City Manila 
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