Monday, June 15, 2015

Random Ramblings

I'm idle and useless. While other people are stressed out because of excessive workload, I'm experiencing the opposite. God and dear friends, forgive me if I'm feeling stressed out too. Stressed out for doing nothing. I never thought this was possible to exist. It's like having the genes of Kate Middleton or Marian Rivera yet at the end of the day, I feel like the ugliest person alive.

I'm sure other people are dying to be in my shoes. You go to work without a pending workload. Almost good as saying, being paid for doing nothing. Sounds too heavenly, but God knows how I truly feel. 

I'm trying to find reasons behind my idleness. Is my Big Boss giving me a break? I don't think so. He just can't probably cannot identify a task for me. All the more this makes me feel sad and frustrated. If there is nothing for me, it sounds like my presence is no longer needed. On the contrary, the Big Boss is too occupied. He has his own set of task. I respect that there might be confidentiality issues or higher managers designated him to do things on his own. But still, this environment is making me feel sad and guilty at the same time. 

Did I just finish my tasks ahead of time? Probably yes. My week long break last May gave me the opportunity to work at home. I love that I was able to work in my most comfortable time and pace. I was able to complete a month long report in a week. My other pending projects were also completed before June started. Last week, I had the courage to speak to my superior. I told him I have nothing left in my work plan. It took him some time to assign another task. I started the new work last Thursday and finished everything today before lunch time. I'm another useless being again. As of typing this, my Boss is reviewing my output. There are some revisions that needs to be implemented. At the end of the day though, I knew that tomorrow will be another idle and useless day. 

In other news, I've been getting some weird messages from my Facebook account lately. High School batch mates and former students were inviting me to join their investment opportunities. Remember this post? I have been invited to join those multi-level or uni-level marketing companies. You give a certain amount of money, leave it for a while and in less than a year, it yields unbelievable amount of earnings. I've seen testimonials from my most reliable friends, relatives to estranged classmates and batch mates. If we are talking about restaurants and shopping experiences, I will surely give in. But these investment companies never made any appeal to me. What comes easy, won't last long. What is too good to be true is most likely not true. Added to this, I feel a little awkward and uncomfortable when a batch mate or former classmate whom I haven't seen or spoken for ages will send me messages out of nowhere. One even said, huy diane! I wanted to blurt out, close tayo? (Are we really that close?) To think that she was one of the mean-ugly (sorry) girls who called me names back in High School. Apologies, but my memory is too sharp for people who were both good and bad to me. The first classmate who made me cry. The inconsiderate classmate who drank more than half of the water in my Coleman without my consent, leaving me so thirsty after our PE class. (Clue: She's a famous blogger now. Hahahahaha) The first classmate who consoled me because I was profusely crying. The first classmate who gave me a birthday gift. I remember everyone in their full names. 

Oh well, this post is getting longer. Pardon my rants. Blame my idleness. 


  1. uy, may mga batchmate ka palang sikat na blogger? haha.

    take this as an opportunity para magbakasyon. but you're right, i wish i was in your shoes.:) oh what i would give for a one-week vacation without anyone in the family getting sick.

    nakakainis yang out of the blue nagme-message sa'yo tapos uutangan ka lang or worst, ire-recruit sa mga get-rich schemes nila.

    1. uuutangan! hahaha may experience din akong ganyan.. uy i hope you are feeling better now

  2. It's OK to remember certain events and classmates who were mean or just rude. People reap what they sow. What we do as thoughtless children does stay with those affected for a lifetime. Forgive? Certainly, but it doesn't mean we must bring them into our lives again.

  3. "The inconsiderate classmate who drank more than half of the water in my Coleman without my consent, leaving me so thirsty after our PE class. (Clue: She's a famous blogger now. Hahahahaha)"

    Sino yan? Password protected? Email na lang. :)

    May classmate din ako ganyan. Ang tagal na kaming FB friends, never left a comment or a message or never "liked" any of my posts, tapos biglang mag-me-message parang close kami kasi may binebenta. Hello naman. Ramdam ko namang masyado ang pagka-user nya. Pait.

    1. maka strategy kasi hahahaha

      email na lang tayo sa password protected hahaha eto na naman oh... #bittermelon hahahaha

  4. Oh gosh, talagang sisters ata tayo! Haha! I used to have this classmate in high school na nainom sa Coleman ko nang hindi nagpapaalam. This happens after school hours. I have this habit of making tambay sa library while waiting sa mga ka-service ko. So yung bag ko and Coleman nandun sa isang area kasama yung mga gamit ng mga ka-school bus ko. One time nahuli ko ang loka. I just smiled at her. Ganun ako, cool lang.

    Since then, I make sure na wala na akong tirang water pag-uwi or if meron man, I make sure that whatever she drinks from my Coleman will be "masarap" *insert evil grin here* hehehe! I think 3x pa nya inulit yung pag-inom sa Coleman ko. One time nakasalubong ko sya sa hallway and I told her, "O, inom ka sa Coleman ko ha (sabay tawa!)." I guess dun lang nya na-gets kse after that hindi na nya nilapitan si Coleman ko. But guess what? That didn't stop her from "stealing water" from other people's Coleman.

    I never got to understand her actions then; and really, kung nagpapaalam ba sya eh hindi ko naman ipagdadamot yung tubig ko.

    Anyway, whoever this famous blogger is na Coleman girl mo dati, sana nagbago na sya. I hope hindi sya kasing abusado ng aking Coleman girl, na mataas ang tingin sa sarili at hindi marunong magpaka-humble for a drink at somebody else's Coleman.

  5. I-enjoy mo na lang Ate Diane :) hehehe. Bubuhos din ang gawain, tandaan, tag-ulan na :) (konek?)
    Wala bang link este clue pa sa 'peymus' blogger mong friend na parang bully sayo dati? :)

  6. Di mo naman kasalanan kung mabilis ka magtrabaho at tumapos ng trabaho. Chill lang, ang trabaho hindi nauubos, pero ang idle time mo konting-konti na lang mauubos din yan, hahahaha. :)

    P.S. Ang taray ng uminom ng half of the water content of your Coleman, I'm sure kaya sya sikat ngayon dahil magaling sya sumipsip (ng tubig sa Coleman). :)

  7. oiiii sino tong si inconsiderate-thirsty-classmate-turned-famous-blogger? lol.

    sayang we haven't seen each other while i was there. maybe on my next trip? yabu na! =D

    grabe, i haven't blog-hopped in forever. so glad to be back reading blogs of my favorite people again. wag na mastress teh. calm before the storm lang yan. chos. hahaha.

  8. Hi ate, I had a similar experience. A classmate from grade school invited me to help her with her business when I was in that phase when I was drained of working. Natuwa ako kasi naexcite din ako sa notion na magkikita kame ulit since naging mabait naman kame sa isa't-isa back then. Buti na lang nakutuban ako na baka networking so I asked her in advance. Turns out networking nga.

    Sa totoo lang, nakakasakit ng konti pag nilalapitan ka lang para madagdagan ung mga tao nila sa networking. Yung husband ko nakapag usana but then hindi siya nagiimbita ng tao. Tama na ung nagbebenta ka sa kamag-anak mo dahil nagagamit nila yung supplements pero yung iba oa na, yung mararamdaman mo pang namomock na nila ung kakayahan mong mag earn kasi "ganito sila."

  9. At hey! I forgot to say that YOU ARE NOT USELESS. Idle for now, oo pero no one could really be useless especially someone na nakakatapos agad ng trabaho. :)

  10. Hi Diane!
    I'm not sure you received my email the other day, so I wanted to let you know you're the lucky winner of my handmade clutch!!! Congratulations!
    Kindly let me know your shipping address, thank you!!
    have a great weekend,

  11. Hi Diane, grabe naman yung umiinom sa coleman mo, nakakacurious yang famous blogger na yan hahaha!
    so true hindi din ako masyado naaattract sa mga too good to be true, may it be networking, products, and mostly people, hate this but I met people who are overly showing her care nakakatakot, baka may ibang agenda e, and they are often like to be praised na they are doing this and that para magpasikat, sorry naparant din ako, too good to be true is really a not impressive move for me.
    have a great week. 😘😘😘


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