My struggle is still here but I can safely say that I'm feeling better! Big thanks to my little support system in the blogposhere. Most of my friends are away from me. Haven't seen and talked to them for a while. It helped that I have online friends who sent that much needed sunshine. I'm still blessed and lucky. Thanks everyone! 

There are a few good things that made the past week better. First on the list is the new freelance work. I was tapped to do some improvement and documentation project to a large distribution company. My nose is bleeding with all the terminologies and technicalities. I'm still on the process of learning. I'm praying for the success of this project because it's my first industry experience. I also believe this would open more opportunities for me. But before I further daydream, I have to get things going. 

Late last year, the highest office at the workplace tapped me to join this working committee. The work entailed coordination among other sister companies. My short lived involvement placed me in an "awkward" position. I was just burdened with the inconvenience of explaining my presence. Truth is, they were expecting another person to represent the company. I didn't gain enemies. Thank God! When the new management entered, another person was appointed. I made the initiative to turnover everything. I bid farewell to the people I've worked with, albeit through email and text messages. One thing I realized, farewells bring those unexpected words of appreciation. For someone who rarely feels appreciated, my heart easily melts for moments like this. Thanks everyone! The experience, though short lived, was great. I just have one more responsibility to unload. This one is tougher and I'm still trying to figure out how to do it the smartest and the most respectful way. :) #GrownUpProblems 

Sigh... meanwhile, here are the other less serious and beautiful things that made my week

Snacks from 7 - 11 - The store is revamping for good. I love their own product labels, especially the bread selections. I used to be addicted with the Peanut Butter x Strawberry sandwich. When their version of Three Cheese was released, I'm a full convert. :) This was way better for my taste buds. Their collaboration with Anchor butter was also the best. My favorite has to be this raisin bread baked in Anchor butter.

Back to the same old task - If the company is under new management, expect changes and another round of planning. And like the good old days, I'm back doing the same task. Collating materials and analyzing proposals for their corporate planning. 

Shopaholic attack - I have a little story behind this purchase. :) When things in your life don't do well, retail therapy can probably provide a little comfort and happiness. I discovered this online shop that curates products of independent and distinguished Filipino artists. I signed up and window shopped. But because of their excellent customer service, I gave in. I purchased a tote I can use for my teaching stuff. While I love their customer service, I felt disappointed with the bag. It looked way better in the photos. I thought of just keeping the bag but I noticed the customer feedback form attached. I decided to relay my sentiments. I explained that while they have great customer service, I was disappointed with the quality of my purchase. I never received any response at all. Hahahaha It was way different than those times when they were sending me invites to pursue the purchase. 

The best part of my week started when my mail box was filled with these

Hi Jeannie! You surprised me with these nature themed cards. The hologram card brought out the kid at heart in me. 

Whenever I receive a envelope with a wreath stamp, I'm sure that it would be from Terra! :) Thanks Terra, will send you an email in a while.

Love all the way from The Netherlands! - Thank you to my loyal, supportive and very creative blog friend, Marieken! My favorite has to be the vintage playing card that also served as a postcard. I love it!! I want to collect more. 

I'm beginning to feel better. I hope this will finally progress over the next weeks. Wishing everyone a Beautiful Sunday and a great week ahead!