I'm afraid I'm turning to a more boring person here. Truth to be told, there's nothing interesting sharing about my life now. No family celebrations, travel adventures, and foodie discoveries. My life has been evolving on home, online window shopping, and as always, work. :) I've been blessed with a few freelance work to settle some grown up bills. Unfortunately. Hahahaha I almost forgot, I'm back to teaching. I have early morning classes that were disrupted by the recent suspension of classes. The perks of working for a school! I had an unexpected three-day vacation. I should have used the time to finish my pending freelance work but the rare colder temperature will forever be conducive for zzzzzzz. It's the best thing I'm enjoying now. It's not every time that Manila feels 26 °C. 

This has been my environment for the past days.

Waking up with this weather - To mornings with colder weather!

My books - The "shelf" project has been delayed for the longest time. My growing book collections need a decent home. And my antique dress cabinet, I've been wanting to repaint this with baby blue. To which my mother would never agree hahaha

Lychees - Minus the messy part of eating, this can be a great substitute to my potato chips :D

Working for nothing - LOL The tradeoff of having a fast internet connection. Kate Spade, ASOS and Zalora are calling me. I have to constantly remind myself, these are for the bills to pay!!!

When I discovered that there's more about postcards, POSTCROSSING!

Everything happened when I uploaded the postcards I received in Instagram. I #postcards and discovered #postcrossing along the way. I learned a hidden trend among Instagram users who still enjoy the old school way of sending letters or postcards. Users who upload photos of postcards with #postcrossing are signifying their intention for exchange. I became interested and before the week ended, I mailed my first #postcrossing experience. Hello Athena!

The idea would have been so perfect if I have a supply of attractive postcards. I had my own share of rejections. There were users who refused and ignored my postcards. Heartbreak? Haha But seriously, finding nice postcards in Manila is quite a challenge. I love Papemelroti and my friends, Marieken, Terra and Jeannie seem to love the cards I got from this favorite shop. Unfortunately, not everyone in Instagram loves Papemelroti. Haha I got another set of postcards from The Candy Shop Prints but not everyone seemed to be impressed as well. I made some efforts in taking photos and I believe it's gaining a little more attention. :) I found a postcrossing partner from Taiwan who even took time to discover my blog. Hi there Hellen!

As I was tidying up my things, I remembered these cards given by Leah last December. I'm not a sore loser after all. Hahaha I have another set of attractive cards to share. Hopefully, there would be takers for my cards.

If I will not be able to see the world, my wish is that I would have letters and postcards from each of my dream countries. A few of the countries in my list are found in my small stamp collection.

The weekEND is starting to END. :) The unexpected vacay I got from work will have its own adjustments tomorrow. There's nothing much to panic or worry. I'm actually more concerned with my freelance works. It's my first time to edit a book and there's another research paper I have to untangle and simplify. It will be Dad's birthday tomorrow, but my wallet is screaming empty. Grown up problems indeed!

To a better week ahead and hopefully, any refill to my struggling wallet is a welcome addition. :)