I woke up this morning with a bad back ache. Signs of aging, unhealthy lifestyle and bad posture. Blame the prolonged slouching in front of my laptop. The chair has back support but I don't know, I always end up bringing myself closer to the table and screen. I planned to use the long weekend for the freelance work but given this little struggle here, I don't know if it's possible to type while lying down flat on my bed. Haha 

Before this backache arrived, I was a bit rattled during the entire week. I overlooked my schedule and forgot an important work last Thursday. I was cramming from Monday until Wednesday. On those weeknights, I always end up feeling so hungry. Years before, I would often find  myself in Taco Bell. :) But last Monday was quite different. I went to Rustan's Supermarket and purchased some of these

I spent around Php 200 for these. Expensive because I had no choice but to settle with Rustan's. It is the lone supermarket that offers ready to eat corn cobs especially around 8:30 pm. So what I did with these? :)

Hello Mexican Corn!!!

A friend who recently traveled to Mexico has been sharing this corn to her Instagram and Facebook feed. Apparently, this is how corn is eaten in Mexico. I got so curious with the mouthwatering photo so the next thing I did, I searched for DIY recipe. Turns out, it's not hard to make this Mexican corn. All you need are sweet corn, mayonnaise, Cotija Cheese, chili powder and lemon. 

After reading the needed ingredients, my first problem was, where in the world will I find Cotija Cheese? In the first place, what is Cotija Cheese? Some local food bloggers equated Cotija Cheese with kesong puti. Another struggle, where will I buy kesong puti at 8:30 in the evening? :) I searched for substitutes and settled with Parmesan Cheese.  

I also learned that Mexico's Cafe Habana, uses sour cream spread instead of mayonnaise. Although I believe it's better to have homemade mayonnaise. That is if you know how to make one. Haha Curious question though, what can be the best brand of mayonnaise to use? I opted for Lady's Choice because it was the cheapest and offered in sachet. #PoorGirlProblems Also, my health conscious mother does not store mayonnaise at home. 

Another way to make this cheaper is to use calamansi instead of lemon. In addition, don't buy DOLE if you are budget conscious. I was forced to buy DOLE because it was ready to eat and I had no choice at 8;30 pm. The best source is the Japanese street corn sold in the local wet market. 

Some DIY recipe I found required that the corn cobs be grilled. I don't anymore have the energy to grill so I just reheated the corn cobs using an over toaster. I'm not sure if the taste would be significantly different when the corn is grilled. After the corn was heated, I spread the mayonnaise, sprinkled the cheese, and chili powder. And the major finishing touch, squeeze some lemon!

Some bloggers preferred to spread all the ingredients before heating or grilling. Others would mix all the ingredients together before spreading to the corn cob. Also, some preferred to eat the lemon in between bites. Another optional ingredient is cilantro. I saw other food bloggers sprinkle minced cilantro. 

I believe my version is still not the best. But I'm contented with what I prepared. The burst of flavors was a like a bomb. :) I initially thought that the lemon was useless. Turns out, it complemented the overload of cheese and spice.

This is definitely another comfort food in my list!