I'm home alone over the past days. The remaining members of the family went out of town to visit a relative. My mother was considerate enough to prepare meals for me. :) She knew I wouldn't survive a couple of days because the kitchen is not my territory. But I eventually got bored with menudo so yesterday, I went to Goldilocks for dinner. I deserve it! I've had a long week and I'm almost done with one freelance work. In the middle of my "happy" meal, I accidentally spilled my most awaited ice cold sago't gulaman. S*#t :) My fault and karma because I had bad and revengeful thoughts at that time. Hahaha I will relate this in another blog post. And yes I admit. I never claimed to be a saint. :D 

Meanwhile, here are the few beautiful things that kept me occupied on those days I'm home alone.

Of random movie marathons

I've read the book but I can't remember the entire story. Hahaha All I know is that when we are dealing with Nicholas Sparks, there's always an element of tragedy. When this movie was released, everyone around me loves Zac Efron. This was one of his movies after transitioning from his teenage role from The High School Musical. Not that I'm being mean, but I find Taylor Schilling way older for Zac Efron. Like someone nearing her 40s? But when I checked her profile, Taylor was even a year younger than me. Sorry naman. I guess it has something to do with her makeup and wardrobe. 

Madagascar - For the boring and sleepy afternoons at home, I  needed a little noise to wake up :)

#TheLastSingleGirl - I wasn't one of those girls dying to catch the local airing of Sex and the City. It was only my friends A and A, who introduced me to the series when it finally had its own movie. We watched the two movies together and I'm still indifferent which is my favorite. But the first installment seem to give me more memories. The supposedly Carrie's wedding at the grand library filled with the best love stories of history, unexpected trip to Mexico, the new year's eve when Carrie run to Miranda in the midst of a heavy snow fall and that famous pair of sapphire Manolo Blahnik. So I guess, this is my favorite. But while everyone loves Carrie, I can't get enough of Samantha Jones. I would love to have a friend like Samantha. :)

Postcrossing - Postcrossing friends in Instagram, everything is on its way! :) I discovered something surprising with this  new hobby. All the while I thought that the people who joins postcrossing in Instagram are either older or within my age range. Turns out, much or all of them are teenage kids. Most of the girls are 19 years old and below?!? This was a surprise for me. I suddenly felt like a grandmother sending letters to her grandkids.

This unique display from Old Navy - I love the display! Unfortunately, it took me some time to find Old Navy's shop. Haha By the time I found the store, it was already closing time. This was one of those rare times I was able to see Robinsons Galleria. I spent one afternoon after work in this mall.  All shops are having their midyear sale. My heart be still! I found a nice orange bag from Topshop. I almost purchased it but my control hormones seem to be working well at that time. Mark that bag, I'll be back!! Hahaha 

TED Talk - It was never a waste of time to watch any archive of TED Talk. I recently watched Chip Conley's meaningful sharing about what really counts in life. I love his thoughts about how this Vietnamese immigrant who found happiness in a work that entailed cleaning the toilet bowls!?!  If only I can wake up earlier, I think it's a great idea to watch one episode of TED Talk every morning. My dream is to actually attend one TED Talk or become a resource speaker?! In my wildest dreams, hahahahaha We have TED x Talk in Manila. I'd love to attend but I felt disappointed with the university host that invited a resource speaker I can't admire. Sorry, I have trust issues with this resource speaker with evident cases of plagiarism.

Mocha Roll - The all time favorite from Goldilocks. I will never get tired of taking home this entire roll for only Php 160. The price can beat all those expensive cake slices from fancy coffee shops. 

The Thai Kitchen - A restaurant I discovered in Robinsons Galleria. Truth to be told, I'm not sure if the dish I ordered was great. I was so hungry when I took this meal. Hahaha But affordability wise, this wins for Php 99. It even comes with a free glass of iced tea. The restaurant also have a very affordable buffet at Php 279. I might try it with a glutton friend one of these days. Haha

Cheesy Pinipig (rice crispies) Ice Cream - I just deserve this after completing a half-day lecture to my colleagues. This was the task that made me cram over the past week. I have been teaching for quite a number of years but giving a lecture / seminar to your colleagues is way way way different.

Mexican Corn - Another comfort food in my list. :) Everything was explained on my previous post

Sunday is about to end and I have yet to start another freelance work. It's 4:15 pm and a few more hours, it's Monday again. I should finally get things going by starting to take a bath now. Hahaha 

Have a great week ahead everyone!