Nothing much happened this week. I finished a major project at work. I was given another set of project. Teaching took step back for a while because it was examination week. My only problem now is how to check the papers and compute all grades before I return for work. Added to this, I have to finish the final phase of my freelance work. Nevertheless, I'm thankful for all the opportunities. 

Meanwhile, here are the few beautiful things that made the past week.

Takoyaki from Octoboy - The only takoyaki that I love. It has real minced vegetables and octopus inside. Although a bit expensive that those that are usually sold in shopping malls.

Yang Chow Rice and Buko Lychee Shake - The combination is the best! I love the refreshing shake and the flavorful Yang Chow rice.

Cheese Bokki - The only instant noodle that I love love love. How often do you encounter cheese flavored instant noodles? My dilemma however is how to get this at a cheaper price? It's expensive at Php 60 in 7-11 stores.

7-11 Cookies - I wouldn't buy this cookie if not because of the Hershey's chocolates. True enough, it didn't disappoint. But as always, it's a little expensive for around Php 30.

Who can guess? :) I chanced upon this fried oreo cookies at the workplace's canteen. Much to my surprise, why do you need to fry the oreo cookies? I took a little risk and I had no regrets at all. The pancake shell perfectly complemented the softened oreo cookie. And because I love it, I made my own version at home. Unfortunately, the pancake was not perfectly clean. Our version was distorted and looked like chicken nuggets. Hahahaha Nevertheless, I love the taste of our first attempt.

Becky's Swiss Chocolate Cake - If only Vito Cruz is not faraway from home, I would always have this cake during weekends. Even my father loves this variant. I'm not a fan of chocolate cake but Becky's an exemption. 

Prettifying stuff from The Face Shop - I now declare that this is my favorite Korean beauty shop. After so many years, I found my preferred matte pinkish eye shadow palette. I also purchased this eye liner which is often out of stock to nearby branches. Not in the photo but my everyday eye brow pencil is also from this Korean shop. I share the sentiments of those who find Korean beauty products a bit expensive. True! True. But what I love about my purchases, they have longer life span and enough pigmentation.

Postcards from around the world

Thank you Terra for the series of cute animal inspired postcards.

Marieken is the best! I love this naughty postcard. LOL You can purchase more naughty cards from Marieken here.

Lastly, I was surprised with a recent mail from Jeannie. It wasn't a postcard. It's an actual painting from a dear friend all the way from USA. I love it Jeannie! This is actually my first time to receive a real painting from a friend. 

I'm typing this at 12:40 am. I feel so sleepy after a long day. Hopefully, I'll finish my take home work tomorrow. I'm also half wishing that I would see my cousins today.