I'm typing this post on a Saturday evening. It has been a long and tiring week. Things are turning to be more challenging. The silver lining of all these challenges, I made my decision. It's time to face some grown up changes. The decision however entails another long process of waiting and uncertainty. While I have yet to see the outcome of everything, I'm hanging on. I try to leave each day as it comes. 

The long weekend is a welcome opportunity to take things slowly and forget all these serious issues in life. I thought I would just stay home and probably drown myself with sadness again. Some little blessings came. I got some good company with my few cousins. All those catching up stories over a great meal are so priceless. More often than not, this only happens when a family member is celebrating a birthday or during the Christmas holiday break. And just like that why am I suddenly looking forward for December? Who doesn't like December anyway? A few more months, it will be my favorite time of the year again. I can't wait to be merry again. :)

While December is still faraway, here are some of the few beautiful things that made the past week. 

Ersao! - This Taiwanese restaurant is love. I love everything that my cousin ordered. Thanks A and A! :) Even the interiors and the entire crew are love. My cousins treated me to my first meal here. Sure enough, this will not be the last time I will be in Ersao.This will be the beginning of more visits and happy days. :)

Above are the few of the many dishes we ate at Ersao. The Ersao branch in Marikina also offers Takoyaki by Octoboy. Yum!Yum! Yum!

Before the long weekend, I took advantage of Cibo's anniversary treat. I took home my favorite spinach dip and crostini. 

Postcards! - These were the few vintage postcards I purchased from the stall I found along the streets of Sta. Cruz Manila. Please pray that my eBay store will become active again so that I can purchase more :)

Miss Marc Lila by Marc Jacobs - I saw this bag years ago from a female university student in Taiwan. I knew that this was Marc by Marc Jacobs' signature. Hence, I never bothered to search and verify its price. It will surely be expensive. Surprise of surprises, I saw in it my suggested feeds in my eBay account for a cheaper price. Dream come true!!! 

Took a leave from work again in the middle of the week. I just love it that I have the opportunity to wake up with "real" sunshine at home. Everything feels so slow and quiet.

I need a vacation. - I hope to visit this beautiful place again soon. 

Something I encountered from a second hand book I purchased - Although I think I've been having an overflowing quota of sadness recently. lol 

In a few more hours, it will be Monday again. While I can only wish to be weekends forever, I have to face reality. Wish me a better week ahead! :)