Saturday, September 12, 2015

1954 - Second Asian Games

A few days ago, my eBay account resurrected again. :) I had a few items needed to be sent to the courier. I squeezed in everything in my one-hour lunch break. I dropped by Escolta and before having lunch at McDonald's, I went to my new favorite place. :) The little shop that sells everything vintage. It was where I found this postcard from Baltimore in 1947. I have plans of blogging the shop. Unfortunately, the owner was not supportive of my plan. I sought permission if I can take photos. The lady seller refused. Her husband might not like it. In my mind, why? I didn't insist. I respected their preference. Although the lady seller agreed over a few photos on their items. 

Apart from postcards, the stall offers other vintage collectible items. I didn't bother to check, I'm afraid it might turn to an addiction. :) I contented myself to the vintage postcards. I was hoping to purchase another "used" postcard. Unfortunately, another collector came earlier. The lady seller instead offered me stamps. And not jut stamps, take a look at my recent treasure find

It' s a set of commemorative stamps way back 1954. 

The Second Asian Games is equivalent to the world olympics of Asia. This is still different from the SEAG (Southeast Asian Games).  Sixty-one years ago, the Philippines hosted the olympics. I further gathered information about the Asian Games. I was surprised to discover that this was the first and last time that the Philippines hosted the event. The olympics happens every 3 to 4 years and the next leg will be held on 2018 in Indonesia. 

Same as with my 1947 postcard from Baltimore, I still don't know what to do with this very vintage item. As always, I will keep this in my possession. A little information I secured from the lady seller, she told me that even the employees of the Philippine Postal Corporation are buying from them. I suspect that some of the stamps they auction every month is coming from this seller.

To those who are interested to visit the shop, here are the landmarks to remember.

From the left, the Sta. Cruz Church and Banco de Oro (BDO) and Asia United Bank (AUB) on the right.

The stall is right in front of BDO, behind the white van parked. :)

I might get back next week. Hopefully, there's another used postcard waiting for me.


  1. Thank you for the pretty vintage note card you sent me, I enjoyed this post about the shop where you bought it. Funny the owner is so leery of photos.

  2. So neat! I love old stuff too, so much history! What a fun find :)

  3. Kailangang makasama kami ni S sa iyo.

  4. I think it's good to be specific in the items one collects. This is quite a gem!

  5. This is a long shot. Your great blog post is from Sept last year. Would you happen to know if the shop is still around?

    1. Late last year and early this year, I noticed that the shop was already closed. However, I went to the area a week ago and the shop was open. :)


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