What happened in the Philippines last September 8, 2015? A friend related in his social media accounts his sentiments. According to him,

Morning : Happy Birthday Mama Mary
Evening : @#$%^&*


I started the day by attending the workplace's Holy Mass for the Blessed Mother. It was scorching hot the entire day. Afternoon came, the heavy rains started to be felt. I had my usual evening classes. I dismissed at 7 pm. I dropped by the office to rest for a while. When I went out, there were still heavy rains. The vehicles on the road weren't moving. I walked from the workplace to the train station. I have no problems except for the dirty flood along Recto Avenue. (I was so paranoid. I almost thought I can consume the entire bottle of alcohol. Hahaha)  Took the train and I thought I will be able to easily catch a UV express bound to Marikina. It was late and I was expecting that everyone is already home. Much to my surprise, it took me more than an hour of standing and waiting. My ending, I walked again until I was able to accidentally score a seat to a UV Express bound for home. I thought only the people from Manila were affected. When I watched the late night news, I saw the terrible situation in EDSA. I'm still quite lucky. 

This was morning before Manila and the entire NCR had the worst traffic nightmare. I dropped  by the Manila Post Office for the Postcard Challenge. (Ooops, the tall building on the left is the controversial national photobomber. :) 

I would pass by this park every time I go to the Manila Post Office. There's a nice hidden park in Intramuros. Unfortunately, entrance is restricted or discouraged if I may say. 

Whoever said that our country is deprived of parks and quiet outdoor areas. It's not true in the case of Manila or at least in NCR. There are parks around except that it sometimes become a haven for criminal activities.

I have super oily face so I can't understand why I purchased VMV's moisturizer for dry skin. Hahaha While I'm still unqualified to review VMV, I'm happy to say that I love the "additional oil"  and its cooling effect to my skin.

This has been the best conditioner from Pantene I've ever used. This is perfect for women who share the problem of thick, heavy and tangled hair.

Who can remember this? I was surprised with the new packaging of Haw Flakes. 

Some of the vintage postcards I bought from my favorite shop

Thank you dear Marieken! Happy to have found a great friend and listener in the blogosphere. 

And recently, my favorite bag with a few friends:)

Dad's new bike, if only I know how to bike

This is what weekends are made for