This is one of those weeks that I never wanted to happen. I will spare everyone from the details. Maybe months or years from now, I will be ready to write about it. But for now, all I can say is that I'm thankful that it finally happened because it meant, everything is over now. The silver lining though, it wasn't as painful as I was expecting it. Maybe because all the tears have been shed a few months ago. I hope I can finally say that I have moved on. I would not however deny that part of me is very tempted to release everything here. I guess my control hormones are stronger. I'd rather focus moving on and doing things that will rather empower me. 

While I have been tempted to be eaten up by bitterness, I have been showered by a few good things that uplifted me amidst of everything.

Sunrise and morning drive - I will treasure the few days when my Father brings me to the train station. Traffic in some key areas in Marikina is getting worst over the past months. My Father volunteered to drive me every Monday morning. He was able to figure out alternative routes which are usually more refreshing and relaxing. Thanks Dad. :)

A mini forest in Manila -  I never knew that this place exists in Manila. I had a recent assignment that required me to secure data from the Manila's Office of Department of Education. I was surprised to see a very quiet compound that houses this refreshing scenery.

Another work related endeavor - I was arranging the reservations for an important meeting of some senior leaders at the workplace. I will blog about this beautiful place next week. 

What Friday nights are made of - Thank you dear friend A for the regular Friday company. 

I will stir a lot of gossips and gain silent but deadly hatred if I will post this in my Facebook account  - Hahahaha A bit exaggerated but I'm really tempted to upload this message. Maybe I can blog about it instead. 

Thank you Marieken for another cutest postcard.

Blame sadness, this is what sadness can do - Hahahaha The few friends who know me well will surely get surprised. Pink? Yes, even myself was surprised with this choice. Probably for a change, I can try this very feminine color. If this color will bring me luck, then let's forget about blue. Hahaha 

Why am I suddenly so addicted to gold? - Another super advanced birthday gift to my sad self  :)

This compensates for all the sadness I had this week. Just what I needed when I feel that nothing is going right for me. Please, wish and pray me for more freelance works. :)