Disappointments... such a negative word but that has been the prevalent sentiments I had over the past weeks. This is not the right place and time to write about it. But I have been very tempted to write about everything. I used to only hear stories of people saying that they don't know who to trust anymore. I used to console friends who was once in this predicament. I never imagined that I will be in their shoes soon enough. I discovered and opened a can of worms and the rest was another saga of eating and impulse shopping. :D If I can't overcome them, at least I feel entertained because I have an attention diversion antidote. Hahaha 

This aspect of my life does not deserve a spot in my Beautiful Sunday post. While I have been tempted to vent out, let me relate the other good things that made my week.

Dessert Buffet anyone? - This place in Banawe offers unlimited dessert buffet experience for Php 199. I've been hearing all stories about this place from my students. Sadly, I felt the complete opposite during my experience. We were only given one hour to try the experience. The place was crowded so going to the buffet table is a great hassle. We waited in line, knowing that there 11 clients before us. Not all types of cakes were served. The experience that nailed everything, the desserts did not impress me. The only good thing that happened here was the company I had. I was with a great friend MFA. 

Haw Flakes - Confession, I hoarded 5 packs of this childhood favorite. :) Since I rarely encounter this on nearby supermarkets, I bought a lot when I saw a few packs left on Salazar's bakery. Although the taste and quality is quite different from the Haw Flakes I had during my childhood days.

Three of my favorite things - My ghost chair found its perfect match. This sheepskin from Ikea is love, love, love! Thank you Mother E for helping me acquire it. And as always, Cath Kidston is there to brighten up the day. :p

Pink all the way from the Netherlands - Thank you dearest Marieken! You send me the most beautiful postcards. This one is special because it caught the attention of my Dad. He was saying that you probably chose the postcard because you liked his pink Japanese bike. Hahaha He love this cute motorbike especially the compartment for the spare tire. 

Family is love - We celebrated the birthday of my special brother last week. Celebrations meant having a mini reunion, seeing my closest family members together, capturing the most memorable moments and feeling that everything is perfectly fine. If only I could box these priceless moments. I will do it and open it whenever I feel that everything has been falling apart. Things are not easy now but the good news, I'm fighting. These times that break me will make me nothing a but a better and stronger person ahead. :)