Looking for a venue for corporate meetings have become a part of my job over the last years. I have been entrusted the responsibility of making arrangements for meetings participated by senior leaders. Searching for possible venues, asking for price quotations, requesting check payments, safeguarding money worth almost my annual salary, answering to the demands of my superiors even if it meant acting as the most annoying and demanding client, keeping receipts and preparing liquidation reports. The work never stops. My only consolation here, I get to see other places. I'm not stuck in the corners of my workstation and I get some free nice meals.... in exchange for some corporate slavery. Hahahaha Aside from the free food, this work has given me so many stories and experiences. Some are meant to be shared while some are meant to be left behind. Amen. Hahaha 

Before I end making another dramatic post, let me share a new venue which my employer chose for an important corporate meeting.

Having been working in Manila for a decade, I have witnessed how Luneta Hotel transformed. I initially saw it as one of the old and dilapidated buildings in Manila. Years ago, this was how Luneta Hotel looked like. I was one of those who were secretly hoping that the building will someday be resurrected. Problem is, with the high rise condominium and the nearby five-star hotels, it's hard to convince a company to take a chance to Luneta Hotel. The heavens have heard the prayers of old souls like me. It was gradually restored. At first, I thought that the new developer will demolish or have it converted to an office or business establishment. When I later discovered that it will return as a real hotel, I was one of the happiest. The restoration didn't come easy. I learned that it took the new owner 7 years to get all the job done. Good as, there have been efforts to restore the hotel ever since I started working in Manila. 

I took the photos a week before our corporate event. It was a good decision because I became occupied and it was quite a shame to take photos with the senior leaders during the event. ;)  

What greeted me as soon as I entered the premises of the hotel. A set of gilded chairs, which I learned used to be restricted for guests. These used to be mere decorative pieces.

I love this sculpture from Benguet. 

This cocoon sofa!

We stayed at the 6th floor, which houses the grandest function room of the hotel.

This was my workplace for two days. Originally, it costs Php 50,000 to have this venue for 4 hours. The cost already includes consumable food and drinks. But after some negotiations, we were given a considerable discount. :) If you share the same job with me, you might want to consider this venue for meetings to Christmas parties. You can look for their very accommodating and organized Operations Manager, Ms. Bel Ricablanca. Even the front desk service officers (Hello Keith and Kevin!)  are the best. I never had problems coordinating with them.

I never got to sit in the grand table and chair. This was my place.

I love the doors that either lead to the storage room or staircase. It felt like a setting in a fairy tale. I also learned that the wall tiles were part of the original flooring of the old hotel. 

One of the highlights of the function hall is this modest fountain. The windows behind provide a great view of Manila's skyline.

Even the toilet area has a view. :) 

While I don' have photos of the food, I have to say that it was worth the price. Everything served to us were tasty, delicious and offered assortment of Filipino, America to Italian dishes. Even the amount of servings is abundant. Food was never a problem and so as customer service with the cook and waiters. Their food can equate to the quality of five star hotels. 

For more information about Luneta Hotel, check out their website here.