This week has been overflowing with nothing but adjectives. People within my immediate environment are fully aware of the disappointment that happened on the beginning of the week. There were drama and tears. Things I couldn't believe would never happen, unfolded right before my eyes. Before the week ended, I got a bad case of stomach flu. I wasn't able to sleep well because my stomach has been torturing me every 30 mins. The pain felt like I already lost 5 lbs. Hahahaha There goes my weight loss struggle again. The rare times, food never appealed to me. I almost didn't eat anything last Saturday. After taking some rest which includes getting away from my social media accounts ;), I'm feeling better now. I need to be better because it's finals week and there's a little more work ahead. 

Setting aside this health mischief I had, here are the few beautiful things that made my week

Reported to a different workplace last week and it was a great help that Daddy agreed to drove for me. Thankful for this convenience but the traffic is not something to love. Hahahaha

It's nice to be back - Our school entered the championship of this basketball league. Friday meant having no work in the afternoon. It's been a while since I entered Mall of Asia Arena again.

Christmas feels - I saw this giant Christmas ball decor at SM Mall of Asia.

Weekly dose of beautiful postcard - Thank you for sending me the most beautiful postcards Marieken. My Daddy knows you already :) 

Another beautiful postcard from USA - Thank you Terra! And I have yet to join the challenge :)