Years ago, worklife is relaxing at this stage. Teaching is over and more often than not, I'm savoring my quiet time at home because I decided to use my leave credits. But because of the little adjustment in the school's academic calendar, I still reported for work to the last week of October. I was hoping to schedule a leave last Friday. Unfortunately, some teaching related tasks needed to be prioritized. It was finals week while a major event at the workplace happened. The school's basketball team made it to the championship. There were days when I work in the morning and spend the entire afternoon to watch and support the team. In God's perfect timing as they say, prayers were answered. The most awaited championship ring was regained after 10 years. :)

There were a lot of stories behind this championship. One of my personal experience is when an alumni treated everyone seated in our row for pizza. On the way back to the school for the championship party, I had my own heartwarming experience as well. We happened to pass by the bus of the rival school. The students on both buses rendered friendly gestures to each. other. It was far more than the usual rough and provoking scenes I encounter before every game. Prior to the last game, I had my own share of being provoked. In the toilet area for instance, I encountered a lady from the rival school who intentionally bumped her leather bag against me. Years ago, while having our meal after the game, a group of friends from the rival school were throwing us bad words. I never gave in to any of them although social media is tempting me to do so. Hahaha But really, my overweight self, growing bills to pay and quarter life crisis have exhausted all my energy. I have no more space left to accommodate those cat-fights. Hahahaha 

The celebration continued after with the most awaited bonfire

Everyone is still on a high at the workplace. While me? I'm all tired, sleepy and can't wait for the weekend. Hahaha Before the week ended, I was surprised to receive postcards from Marieken. Thank you Marieken, the past weeks would always mean receiving my weekly dose of postcards. I love it!

Picture perfect, deserves to be framed! - I love Amsterdam and give me more years and freelance works to fatten my bank account, I will surely visit the Netherlands.

My first Christmas card came all the way from the Netherlands. Thanks again Marieken!

One of my favorite roads in Marikina - Thankful that other schools are having their semestral break already. Lesser traffic both on the roads and the train :)

Lanzones! - Almost finished the entire plate before a decent photo was taken 

In the afternoon, my family will head to the cemetery for All Souls Day. There will surely be another mini reunion. Before we part ways, I hope we will have another great dinner again. :)