Less than two months before the year ends, I thought I already had enough of those workweeks and weekends trying my best to hide those tears. But I have been tested again. The highlight of another struggle happened last Friday. I used to like Fridays because it meant the last day of the workweek. Unfortunately, last Friday gave me another source of agony. 

I have been tempted to write. I have been tempted to vent out in my Facebook account. At that time, my tears were overpowering me. I felt the exhaustion and it also dawned to me, I wouldn't want to become primary source of gossips among my immediate surroundings. But the truth is, all I wanted last Friday was the company of a friend willing to listen. A little blessing came, my closest cousins invited me last Saturday to help them attend to some errands. This was a good way to divert my attention.  We ended the day by having a great dinner. I was more than thankful for the few hours that made me forget my struggle.

Despite all the sources of unhappiness, there were a few things that changed the outlook of the past week.

Because my Dad drove me to the train station last week, I was able to capture photos of the two places that interest me. Give me more time, I will explore these places and blog about it. I'm not sure if Sanse's Garden (on the first photo) is a restaurant, events place or a business engaged in selling ornamental plants. I have yet to try Roadside Bar and Grill which I believe is more popular for drinking sessions with friends on those Fridays and weekends.

On Saturday afternoon, I accompanied my cousin to her seamstress. It was nice to be surrounded with all those beautiful pieces of creations. :) We later headed to Lilac St. (the famous food hub in my hometown, Marikina) for early dinner. I was able to discover a new favorite burger place. Cheddar Burst Burgers is another place to love. 

The eating marathon continues, my favorite meal from Taco Bell, corn dog from 7-Eleven, and unlimited iced tea drinks from Cheddar Burst Burgers.

To cap off Saturday, me and my cousins checked out Empire Fashion Cafe. First of its kind in Marikina, it combines a boutique and coffee shop in one space. They have affordable clothes, shoes, accessories, Ikea items and cosmetics. I will write more about the place on my next post. :) 

How I wish I could say that I'm coping with this new set of struggle. The truth is, I'm all wounded. No matter how  much I convince myself, I have to admit defeat at this stage. I'm deeply hurt. I never imagined this to happen. I'm holding to the little glimmer of hope that maybe, the Big Boss above has reasons. Maybe this happened because He is preparing something better for me. Maybe. Maybe. While everything remains uncertain now, I'm holding on the littlest chance of that maybe... in His own perfect time...