It was one of those unplanned weekends. After attending to some errands, me and my cousins found ourselves at Lilac Street, the famous food hub in Marikina. We decided to check the place that has caught our attention several times. It was a fashion boutique that also houses a coffee shop. 

Whoever thought of combining fashion and coffee is brilliant 

While I love the business idea, I initially thought that the fashion merchandise will not appeal to me. From the outside, I believe that the items might not be suited for my age, widening belly and preferences... always too old and boring hahaha Surprise of surprises, I was able to purchase a nice top. :) 

The entire shop is filled with different independent sellers, most of them are also selling through their respective Instagram accounts. As it appears to me, it's a place where Instagram sellers are gathered in one place.

Although there are a variety of sellers one thing to appreciate is the centralized payment center. They issue official receipts and even accepts credit card payments.

They have clothes, shoes, bags, fashion accessories, cosmetics and a few items from Ikea.  

I also saw a few designer items from Kate Spade, Lacoste and Michael Kors, 

And because I don't drink coffee, these served as my own heaven

The slice of sans rival didn't disappoint. I love it!

This space rarely becomes available. :)

Although most of the clothes didn't appeal to my age and preferences, I will still come back to Empire Fashion Cafe. I love the variety of cakes and the overall vibe of the place. 

You can visit Empire Fashion Cafe's website for more details.