I have a lot to write. I have a lot say. Or maybe, what I really meant was, I have a lot to vent out. But last Sunday's sadness has to end. There are some things I never imagined to happen. It didn't help that I have the tendency to overanalyze everything. How I wish I could unlearn even just an inch of this blessing or curse? If other people regret having an active and open third eye, my struggle lies in my expertise to overanalyze even probably the simplest situation. Although sometimes I have to say that this struggle gives me some benefits especially when dealing with huge amount of data and information. (Hello, freelance works!) Hahaha I can detect unusual data patterns and generate insights that surprises everyone. Maybe if every overanalyses I made translates to thousand of pesos, then I have nothing to complain about. Hahahahaha

This Swiss Chocolate Cake from Becky's will forever appear in my blog and social media accounts. Pardon the repetitiveness but this is one of the few chocolate cakes that captured my weirdest taste buds. And this book from Paul Arden is always worth rereading. Consider it as a nice Christmas gift to your friends and colleagues. 

Speaking of books, I dropped by the bookstore last weekend and discovered a sequel from my favorite The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I read the Stieg Larsson series. I was aware that he already passed away so I was surprised to find this sequel. I would love to read The Girl in the Spider's Web even though it was already authored by another person, David Lagercrantz. Anyone who have read this recent sequel? 

It's another pair of flats and another book worth reading every now and then. I discovered this brand of shoes through a friend's Instagram post. A bit expensive but for the benefit of my hometown's struggling shoe industry, I believe it's worth the little splurge. :)... Trying to justify my shopaholic attack Hahahaha

The words of Lang Leav's Lullaby! 

And recently, I found appreciation to Andrea Kay's Work's a Bitch and Then You Can Make it Work

I want to do something but I'm afraid it wouldn't work out. I've been traumatized by someone lately. 

Last Friday night, I was surprised to encounter some quotes and lessons about leadership from an action movie?!

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation was a revelation for me! My only regret, I should have watched it on the big screen. And this quote, I have yet to ... never mind Hahahahaha 

I made this post on a Saturday night. A Saturday after a Payday Pay-Your-Bills Friday Hahahaha Whenever I have a little money to spare, Saturday dinner means a family cheat day. We had a great food from KFC while watching (forever) MMK?!? Hahahaha  I may still be unwell, but life is still good. My family is more than enough! :)