I was one of the lucky corporate slaves who benefited from the week long holiday. Although I still reported for work last Monday. I have no complains because coming to work felt like another ordinary day. My life was way better than my colleagues who came from the Southern parts of Manila. I have friends and colleagues who had their own share of the worst commuting and driving nightmares. This is just one of the rare times I love being a northerner. :) I may be deprived of all the best things that happen in Makati, Taguig, and Alabang. But life turned out to be less stressful. 

My Facebook feed has been filled with updates of friends who had their own out-of-town getaways. In my case and as always, I became a full blown couch potato. Haha I enjoyed my quiet and relaxing time at home. I watched some Korean drama series, I attended to some errands, met a freelance client, did some freelance work, did a little Christmas shopping, and had a great time with my dear friend AK. Time was slow and life was stress free. I'm looking forward to have the same experience over the Christmas break. Count a few more weeks, it's my favorite time of the year again. Meanwhile, here are the few beautiful things that made the past week. Hopefully, a preview of the better things to come over the last few weeks of this year.

Home :) - An ugly wall and my Dad's bike I've been staring everyday. When will I probably learn how to use this?

For the first time, I love SM's shopping bag.

I'm becoming addicted to stripes lately. Just don't mind my protruding belly and widening body. I've always associated black and white stripes with Kate Spade.

Laid back weekend with my friend AK, we love Triple O's cookies and cream shake

Forgive me for I have sinned :p

I love how Tickles redesigned their shop. I love the vintage carnival theme!

I love the white interiors and the balloons in this paper and stationery shop. 

The perfect staircase for all book lovers!