It was another long weekend here. I initially thought that I will become another useless couch potato. Plans abruptly changed before Friday ended. In a snap, the weekend was filled with meet ups, celebrations and a few surprises.

Gifts from my Korean friend, Jenny! - Jenny is my Korean penfriend back in High School. I can't remember why and how we stopped exchanging letters. A decade after working, I decided to reconnect with Jenny. I attempted to send a letter again. Much to my surprise, my letter reached her. The heavens connived with us, Jenny was assigned to the Philippines for work. I finally met her  last August .The year is about to end and Jenny is scheduled to leave. I took advantage of the weekend to meet her for the last time in Manila. I'm praying that we will meet again, but this time in her hometown in South Korea. 

Thank you for the gifts Jenny! 

I received my first Christmas present! - If Marieken gave me my first Christmas card, Terra gave me my first Christmas gift. I love it Terra! I'm the proudest and happiest owner of your masterpiece.

Old Game Cards - I purchased this along the streets of Sta. Cruz Manila for Php 2 each. Although initially, I thought that they are vintage game cards. When I googled I Spy, I discovered that the cards are still available in a few online shops. Hahaha Nevertheless, I still love the vintage feel of the cards.

For those who were born from 1995 onwards, can you still identify this machine? ;)  I discovered that our old machine is still perfectly working.

Everything old school, a typewriter and my weekly dose of postcards - After weeks of having an empty mail, the work week ended with a happy mail box. 

Thank you Marieken! - The postcard does not look like a freebie at all. I love the design and the message behind it.

My first postcard from Sri Lanka!

And yes, Terra you have always been one of my sources of rare sunshine

This vintage postcard dates back 1966. I will blog about this on my next post. 

I finally found a nice decorative birdhouse! This will become a part of my new project at home. 

I cannot remember the last time I wore a rubber shoes. It made me feel like a kid again.

The family feasted over this forever favorite, Mango Bravo from Conti's

To be young, wild and free! It was my first time to join an event from Hydro Manila #WeMakeItRain. I have no regrets at all, the "water experience" changed everything. :)