The aftermath of Christmas day. Typical to my previous Christmas breaks, I was with my family the entire time. We attended the Christmas eve mass, had a great dinner and spent the 25th visiting our relatives. The best thing that happened this Christmas, I was able to see both my paternal and maternal families. This has been tradition but for some reason, I felt happier this year. Despite all the challenges that 2015 gave me, December became lighter and happier for me. And hopefully, this will progress to 2016. 

I wasn't able to capture photos on the 25th. Much of what I have here were taken either before or after Christmas day. 

I love Banapple's interiors :) 

Most of my friends and colleagues were enjoying the holiday break in the company of their loved ones over a great meal, out-of-town getaways and what seems to be an endless marathon of Christmas parties. My holiday break was way different. I was able to score a number of freelance works. As mentioned in my previous Sunday post, I'm most of the time at home. Spending hours in front of my laptop from night until dawn. I turned nocturnal again. I don't know but I really find my working pace when everyone else is asleep and the entire environment is very silent. I did this for a number of consecutive days. I thought I would survive the entire week. After some time, my arms started to ache. It felt like there were sand bags tied on both of my arms. I feel so light headed. I gave myself a break. I finally went out of our home's cave :) and treated my mother for dinner at Banapple. 

A few days ago, I'm about to sleep while everyone is about to start their day

In between work, I squeeze in a little inspiration Hahahaha I love you Ha Seok-jin!!!

Last minute mail, thank you Marieken and Terra!

I bid goodbye to my Korean friend who is finally flying home. I was lucky that my friend managed to squeeze in lunch. Thank you for everything Jenny! I will hold on to my dream that our next meeting will be in Seoul. 

Jenny and I have been exchanging gifts every time we meet. I give her local produced organic products while she has  been spoiling me with everything Korean. Much to my delight!! 

I have yet to try this Korean product from Jeju Island. My Filipino friends are surely laughing with the brand's name. :) If the product can eliminate all the annoyances I accumulated within the day, then I might asked Jenny to supply me with this every year. Hahaha 

Not everyone is aware that I love face and eye creams. Only that I don't often purchase because organic facial creams are so expensive. This Christmas and my birthday, someone played Santa Claus to me. :) Thanks T!

An additional gadget and probably, one of the best Christmas gifts I've received. I've been wanting to own a pedometer for the longest time. I haven't inquired and checked prices because I conditioned myself that it is expensive. My cousin gave me this freebie pedometer from Milo. Thanks A!

Christmas will never be complete without meeting my dearest friend T. Friends since 2005!

Me and my younger cousin M who unfortunately caught chicken pox during Christmas

My 2015 in instax photos, this reminds me I have yet to make a yearend post :) 

Hello from Baymax! 

I have been wanting to purchase a Baymax stuffed toy or lamp for the longest time. Everything I encounter is surely expensive. So for now, I can settle to this cheap balloon. :) 

I still have pending freelance works. I really hope to finish everything before New Year's eve. I just miss those days when I have nothing to do. I haven't done my annual decluttering tradition and my drama series marathon. I hope to finish everything before 2015 ends.