Time check, 10:00 pm. I have a lot of plans before 2015 ends. The decluterring tradition, yearend post, updating my eBay account, and a lot more. I have so much on my plate. Plans were set aside because I was occupied with freelance works. Yesterday, I got a bad case of stomache and diarrhea. It almost crippled me for a day. I thought I will be unwell until New Year's eve. With proper medication, I felt better.

Like the previous years, it was another roller coaster ride. Peaks and troughs. Happiness and sadness. Surprises and disappointments. But the things that I will always remember for 2015 include, the success of my documentation project, unexpected freelance works, meeting my long lost Korean friend, meeting a blog reader and earning a new friend (Hello Coleen!), lowest moments and what seems to be an endless marathon of crying. I was mostly sad the entire year but there were sources of happiness in between. Everything went a little better for me from November to December. 

I'm having a hard time remembering all the details of 2015. I'll let my archived photos of 2015 speak for everything.

Unexpected trip at Puerto Princesa, Palawan -  I wasn't able to explore the place though. But I'm more than thankful for this opportunity.

Annual Chinese New Year Tradition with my friend T continued even though we parted workplaces already

Went back to school for a while

Hello again Caleruega

Was able to fly again, second time in Hong Kong and Macau 

Club Balai Isabel - Another trip because of work, it made me feel sad for a while because I suddenly missed some workplace friends

the rare times I feel valued 

Earned a spot from this noble table ;) the success of my documentation project 

workplace realisations

After 10 years, the school where I work for regained the much awaited basketball championship crown 

Meeting my long lost Korean friend after 17 years 

A better 2015 birthday!

The Cath Kidston Sisterhood 

My favorite read for 2015!

Beefalo - discovered a new favourite restaurant in my hometown 

Found a new hobby this year - collecting old and used postcards and envelopes 

Friendship with Marieken and Terra

Got to see Luneta Hotel 

Thankful for my family 

Thank you 2015!