Thursday, December 31, 2015

Farewell 2015

Time check, 10:00 pm. I have a lot of plans before 2015 ends. The decluterring tradition, yearend post, updating my eBay account, and a lot more. I have so much on my plate. Plans were set aside because I was occupied with freelance works. Yesterday, I got a bad case of stomache and diarrhea. It almost crippled me for a day. I thought I will be unwell until New Year's eve. With proper medication, I felt better.

Like the previous years, it was another roller coaster ride. Peaks and troughs. Happiness and sadness. Surprises and disappointments. But the things that I will always remember for 2015 include, the success of my documentation project, unexpected freelance works, meeting my long lost Korean friend, meeting a blog reader and earning a new friend (Hello Coleen!), lowest moments and what seems to be an endless marathon of crying. I was mostly sad the entire year but there were sources of happiness in between. Everything went a little better for me from November to December. 

I'm having a hard time remembering all the details of 2015. I'll let my archived photos of 2015 speak for everything.

Unexpected trip at Puerto Princesa, Palawan -  I wasn't able to explore the place though. But I'm more than thankful for this opportunity.

Annual Chinese New Year Tradition with my friend T continued even though we parted workplaces already

Went back to school for a while

Hello again Caleruega

Was able to fly again, second time in Hong Kong and Macau 

Club Balai Isabel - Another trip because of work, it made me feel sad for a while because I suddenly missed some workplace friends

the rare times I feel valued 

Earned a spot from this noble table ;) the success of my documentation project 

workplace realisations

After 10 years, the school where I work for regained the much awaited basketball championship crown 

Meeting my long lost Korean friend after 17 years 

A better 2015 birthday!

The Cath Kidston Sisterhood 

My favorite read for 2015!

Beefalo - discovered a new favourite restaurant in my hometown 

Found a new hobby this year - collecting old and used postcards and envelopes 

Friendship with Marieken and Terra

Got to see Luneta Hotel 

Thankful for my family 

Thank you 2015!


  1. Happy New Year Diane! May you have many more adventures and stories to write about in 2016. Cheers! :-)

  2. Lakas maka-dugong bughaw ng blue mo na ballpen with crown and pearl hahaha.
    Di ko ata natunghayan ang tungkol doon :)

    Anyway, congrats sa iyong very fruitful 2015!
    And more power at God bless you para sa taong 2016!
    Yey :)

  3. Happy New Year Diane! You did a lot of traveling and saw new places last year. So good for the soul! - Leah

  4. Your photos are looking lovely, Diane! And I know I've been quiet, but I do love stopping by your blog for a catch-up. Reconnecting with a long-lost pen-friend is just out of this world!!!
    Happy new year.

  5. Happy New Year, D! Buti ka pa, nakapag year-ender post. It's so hard to squeeze in some time to blog pag naka-holiday mode na ako. You know na, ang busy dito sa bahay. Cheers to more good things for us this year!:)

  6. There is a Luneta Hotel? Hahaha! I love love love Girl and the Train too. I'm so excited for the movie. Your 2015 was amazing Diane. You've achieved so much. :)

  7. honored to be included. Sorry for flaking this Christmas. Super hectic ang sked.
    I hope 2016 will be better than ever for all of us.

  8. Happy New Year! Alam kong puro pagkain ang pinakanagpasaya sa 2015 mo. Hihi. :D


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