I've been hearing a number of good reviews about Tsubaki, Shiseido's line of hair products. Everyone rendered praises about this brand. However, I'm aware that behind those positive reviews is the price tag that will surely surprise me. True enough, a bottle of Tsubaki Shampoo retails around Php 499. The line of hair conditioner is even more expensive, a bottle costs around Php 600. When I was in Hong Kong, I saw stores offering Tsubaki products in bundle packs. Still not cheap, but makes quite a good deal already. My regret is that I should have purchased to experience the entire line of hair care. 

A few weeks ago, I received a little online earnings. The money was not enough to purchase shoes, clothes or bag. :) I ended shopping for beauty products which include this Tsubaki Head Spa. A little confession to make, I initially thought that Tsubaki's Head Spa was a spa related product. Most likely, an oil or leave on to treat my scalp once in a while. I used the product for three days like an oil for the scalp. :) I lather it from the strands of my hair to deepest portion of my scalp before bath time. While using the product, I started to search more reviews. A lot were saying that I purchased a basic shampoo. I felt confused. I decided to try the product as a shampoo. True enough, I emerged so stupid!!!! Hahahaha I have been mistakenly using a shampoo as an oil.  

If only the bottle has instructions written in English, I would not have mistakenly used it as oil treatment. Setting aside my stupidity, I want to share the effects I experienced after using the shampoo for two weeks.

1. Makes hair softer - For someone who has chemically treated hair, shampoo will never be your friend. In my case, I can't survive without a separate conditioner. Otherwise, it will be a real challenge to comb and detangle my hair. After using Tsubaki... as a real shampo.. hahaha the texture of my hair felt like I already lathered a little conditioner. Hair was a little softer and tangles became manageable. Although in my case, I still felt the need to apply conditioner. With Tsubaki, I can say that it lessened the amount of conditioner I needed. Tsubaki will probably work best for those who are blessed with the normal hair. 

2. Cleanses the hair - True to its label of providing "extra cleansing." The days when you walked the entire stretch of EDSA ;), and after being exposed to intense heat of the sun and all the dust and pollution... my hair feels so heavy, sticky and almost impossible to comb. I used the shampoo after having a long day at the dirtiest and hottest streets of Divisoria. The shampoo was able to remove some tangles, made my hair feel lighter and the refreshing smell made me feel the difference. 

3. Acts like a dandruff control shampoo - The only anti dandruff shampoo that really works on me is Nizoral. The rest are just statements of broken promises. ;)  After using Tsubaki for some weeks, I noticed a reduction in my snowfall ;) 

4. Smells so good, not too mild or strong - Shallow but this is the best thing I love about Tsubaki. I love the unique scent of cleanliness. I'm not a fan of strong fragrances both on perfume and bath products. I prefer a clean and refreshing scent, which I found in Tsubaki. 

5. Cooling effect - I used to love hair products with menthol and peppermint scent and effects. Problem is, there was this brand of organic shampoo with peppermint effect that irritated my scalp. Too much cooling effect gave me unexpected and excessive flaking. After the experience, I opted for mild and baby shampoo. This was my first attempt of using hair products with cooling effects after some time. Tsubaki was far different and way better than your typical peppermint shampoo. It has the right amount of cooling and refreshing feel for the scalp. 

6. A little amount goes a long way - Another plus point, especially for expensive products. Having thick hair meant more consumption of shampoo and conditioner. I use more than what an average person consumes. I was surprised that this did not become a problem with Tsubaki. A few drops was enough to cover my entire hair. This later made me realise that the Php 499 was worth it.

I haven't finished the entire bottle of Tsubaki. At this point though, I have to say that I'm satisfied with this expensive purchase. It didn't give impressive transformations and wonders to my hair.  However, I'm more than satisfied with the few positive effects I experienced. If I will rate the product, I can give it 4 out 5 stars. Setting aside the little price tag,  I'm happy with this little splurge. :)