I stopped using planners two years ago. The last planner I had in 2013 had a cute animal print design from Daycraft. It was distributed in the Philippines by my favorite Fully Booked branch in Gateway Mall. This makes me remember, it seems like Fully Booked is forever gone after the renovation of Gateway Mall. Sad. Years after, I didn't bother to buy a yearly planner because I was only using it for the first few months. Truth to be told, I don't really use planners to "plan." It rather serves as my daily journal. I write down the highlight of each day and slip pieces of evidences like receipts, boarding pass, to the dirtiest candy wrappers. 

I used to have the same plan for 2016. :) It felt unnecessary to purchase a planner especially when my interest in blogging heightened. My blog served its purpose. Everything changed when I discovered the line of paper products from PiP Studio. I remember it was Leah, Mother E and a colleague who introduced me to the brand. I initially saw home related products. Everything I saw was beautiful! But my control hormones were working. Had it been shoes, clothes or bags, it would surely reveal a different story. :) Months of following PiP Studio in Instagram led me to discover their line of paper products. The one that captured my attention was the notebooks. I love the vintage and colourful feel of the designs. The next thing that happened, I was already exchanging messages with Mother E that led to tapping a dear friend (Hi Marieken!)  to help us acquire the planner. Unfortunately, PiP products are not available in Manila. The brand's mother country is from the farthest, the Netherlands. The entire process of purchasing the planners went fast and easy because of Marieken.  (Thank you big time Marieken!)  Mother E served as another accomplice who took care of shipping the planners. Thanks Mother E. :) 

After a month of waiting, I finally have my first PiP Studio planner.

My PiP Melody Diary paired with the perfect Cath Kidston mug :)

I got the small sized planner. Despite being small, it has ample spaces that can document my everyday. 

One of the best things to love about the planner, the golden leaves :)

PiP Studio planners are made in the Netherlands. They have an online shop but unfortunately, they don't directly ship to the Philippines. They only ship to these countries

I told you, it has more than enough spaces for my everyday :)

Some more spare pages for addresses, birthdays and notes 

Everything about this planner is beautiful. Like how many times I've used beautiful in this post. Hahaha