It's almost halfway December. The Christmas atmosphere is everywhere. At the workplace, there seems to be Christmas parties everyday. My Facebook newsfeed is filled with parties and never ending food feast. On the way home, fellow commuters carrying loads of goodies from Christmas parties or last minute shopping from the home of the best deals, Divisoria. :) Traffic is never mind. Last weekend, I went out with my friend Anne and had my own taste of the worst holiday traffic. We dropped by Landmark Makati and everything was chaotic. I'm still not done with my Christmas shopping. Still incomplete and growing, while my 13th month pay is starting to rest in peace. :p 

I'm trying to be become the complete contradiction of the holiday rush. On weekdays, I try to leave the workplace on time. Sometimes, I have dinner with my friend MFA. When I still have the energy, I drop by the smaller and less populated shopping malls to complete my Christmas gift list. I'm still unsure if I will meet some good old friends for lunch or dinner during the holiday break. These days, it seems like my group of real and trusted friends are diminishing. I'm starting to sound like an old Christmas grinch. Hahahah Before this turns to a negative post, let me share some beautiful things that made the past week.

Hello there! Can I take you home?

Of the rare times my feet brought me to Ayala, I caught Mr.Bean's car ;) and this huggable teddy

The best promotional strategy ever!

The reason why my feet dropped by Makati during the weekend. I will blog about the experience on my next posts. :)

Meanwhile at the workplace, I love these lights serving as a replica of the main building's facade

Second Christmas card from the Netherlands, thank you Marieken! 

How I want to spend mornings in December

I'm collecting these inspirational wall deco for my nook project at home. I'm beginning to get addicted with this inspirational signages. I want to fill our home with inspirational quotes :)

It will be my last week at work. After this, I'm off to a two-week holiday break. I will return to work in 2016. I have a lot of time on my hands. Hopefully, I can use the time to find more freelance works. Yes, work never stops especially when there are growing bills to pay and financial goals to achieve. I can't wait for those slow and quiet mornings, movie and drama series marathon, meals with my family, stress free and worry free times at home.