I seldom visit Makati, Taguig and the southern parts of the region. As someone who lives somewhere in the North, particularly in the quiet place of Marikina, weekends are quite different. Or this may only apply to old and boring souls like me. Hahaha Life meant rushing to and from work-home to avoid traffic, crowded trains and the long lines of shuttle services. On weekends, heading to the South becomes discouraging. The heavy traffic and prolonged travel hours could have been devoted for rest and relaxation.  We settle with homegrown restaurants to unpopular food chains, that are often unknown to people from the South. Sometimes, I'm about to believe that the greater population in the central region is thriving in the South. We also content ourselves with the nearby smaller shopping malls, that offer limited selections. Last weekend marked the rare times I was away from home. I just went to Makati, but the holiday rush felt like I was away from home overnight. Hahaha I attended to some errands somewhere in Makati with my friend Anne. Hence, I took the chance to see Century City Mall to finally try Hole in the Wall. 

I've been reading a number of blog posts about Hole in the Wall since late last year. It looks like a food court but the selections are unique, a little expensive and less commercialized I should say. The restaurants do not belong to the cluster of the highly franchised food chains, designed to capture the mass market. There are no two identical restaurant, which promotes healthy competition! Each has its own unique offering. Prices are a little expensive.. but not enough to wreck your half-month salary. Hahaha 

I love the interior design of the place. This is far from the usual image of the food courts I frequent. ;)

The place also provides al fresco dining experience. Although I believe this area looks better during night time. 

This provides a view of Ayala Avenue's skyline and construction projects from Century Properties I guess

The real intention why I wanted to see Hole in the Wall is to try this

The lines were long and waiting time was around 15 mins. I considered it as a sign that the Bad Bird offers the best. 

Anne and mine :) 

Bad Bird is famous for producing the Umami Chicken that is said to have secret herbs and spices.

I preferred the waffles and chicken combination. The chicken was good but not great. I was expecting a burst of flavors because of the different secret herbs and spices. The chicken was tasty but didn't highly satisfy my taste buds. I had high expectations for the waffles too. From the looks, I thought I will be served with the crunchiest and tastiest waffles. Unfortunately, the waffles turned out a little soggy. However, the miso butter and maple syrup saved the day. I love that the butter and syrup were not too sweet and dominating.

I also ordered the Corn on a Stick, expecting that this will taste like Mexican Corn. The corn was good but the seasoning failed to make the difference.

Anne's order: chicken, kimchi and dirty rice 

I admit, I had high expectations for Bad Bird. A lot were raving about it, but all the hype did not translate to me. I wouldn't however say that Bad Bird was a waste of time and money. I guess I was just overwhelmed and made the highest expectations. The size of the chicken was more than enough for me. I was already full with one serving of the chicken. Taste wise, I have to given an average rating, 3 out of 5 stars. If given the chance to try Bad Bird again, I would surely repeat the experience. :)