Sunday, December 20, 2015

Beautiful Sunday # 191 - Happy December

I'm off for a two-week vacay. The perks of working for a school, I don't receive humongous bonuses but I'm endowed with plenty of paid vacation. Although in my case, I have pending tasks brought by freelance works .... to which I'm very thankful. Hahahahaha Who am I to refuse additional income especially when time is on my hands. I also love the fact that I'm confined in the comforts of our own home. Everything can be done in my most comfortable time and space. Time is slow. I have a very laid back atmosphere. I work in my pajamas. Food from the fridge is just a few steps away. Hahaha I got everything I need in our home. 

The week before the most awaited holiday break, I attended a number of Christmas parties, had dinner with a few friends and for some reason, me and my friends would end up rushing to the nearby SM Mall after work. I almost forgot, the past week marked my birthday!!! Here are a few beautiful things that happened last week.

Birthday OOTD... and even until today Hahahahaha - The happiest birthday meant wearing your most comfortable clothes.  I took a leave from work on my birthday. Truth is, I'm willing to report for work. I have no problems working on my birthday. However, I knew that I will be having a lonesome lunch break. I don't want to eat on my own during my birthday. I had a nice lunch with my family even with the presence of an unlikely typhoon in December. In the afternoon, we ordered everyone's favorite, pizza and chicken wings. Happy tummy, everybody happy! 

Chicken wings and pizza again Hahahaha - The annual birthday tradition with T and A. I had dinner with my workplace friends the night before my birthday. I've been having post / pre birthday celebrations with them for more than five years. And I intend to do it over the next years. To more birthdays, happiest memories, and belly heavy dinners!!!

Another friendship tradition, the aftermath of the workplace's Christmas party - Before we parted ways for the holiday break, we spent the last few hours of the day in Starbucks. While other colleagues stayed for some drinks and booze, we have a boring tradition. #TitasOfManilaUnite Hahahaha 

When your online orders arrived right in the nick of time - Ordered these goodies from the Black Friday Sale. I wasn't expecting that they will arrive before Christmas. I conditioned myself that they will arrive at least before the year ends. Surprise of surprises, they arrived on my birthday!

Custaroon Poppers - First time to taste the famous concoction from Gigi Gaerlan. Had it not because of a colleague who gave this as a Xmas present, I would not be able to try the famous custaroons. If you prefer dark chocolates, you will love this custaroons coated chocolate. 

PS I'm a sucker for pretty packaging :) hence the excessive photo uploads. 

Found some vintage postcards - Get ready Marieken :)

It's a fairy tale, but where is Cinderella? :) 

I wanted to try a separate post-birthday post. But laziness is overpowering me, given the very conducive bed weather. :) There was nothing special that happened on the day of my birthday, except that my Facebook wall has been filled with greetings. Thanks everyone! Although I have to admit, this year's birthday was better than last year. I stayed home but the sadness is no longer around. Also, my birthday caught a little unfortunate event. My 92-year old grandfather was rushed to the hospital. In God's grace, he's better and now resting at home. I treated my cousins who were in the hospital for chicken again. Hahaha I spent my afternoon at the hospital. I was able to come home in time for dinner with my family. Cliche as it may sound, life is good! 


  1. custaroons? never heard of that before. what is it like?

    oh, and belated happy birthday! =)

  2. Gusto ko yung carriage! Pwedeng magpa-picture sa loob? Makapagdala nga ng ball gown!

  3. It was a simple but meaningful birthday celebration :) It's always nice to be surrounded with great friends and family members on your special day. I hope you enjoy your 2-week break! :) Merry Christmas, again Diane :)

  4. How nice naman that blue vintage lamp! At aba, may new flavor na pala ang custaroons nila. Good to know you had a blast on your birthday. Life is good, indeed!

    In other news, Dianne, I bought a wafflemaker na. May nakita ako sa S&R, Tough Mama ang brand, discounted at Php999.95, 3 in 1 pa (wafflemaker, sandwich maker, and donut maker). I posted a photo on my IG. Instead nga lang na round ang waffle na magagawa, square na sya, pero keri lang. Sabi ko agad nung nakita ko, eto na ang para sa akin! :)

    1. wala ako nakikita na 3 in 1 sa SM :( deal na deal na yan for you!!!

  5. custaroon poppers? It looks yummy! Hindi ko pa natitikman ung custaroons nila pero masarap daw.

  6. Belated happy birthday Diane! May you have everything your heart desires. :-)

  7. Belated happy birthday, D! I wanted to meet w you when I was in Manila pero narealize ko ang dami mong raket at magbday pa kaya baka wala kang time. Di din kita nakita madalas mag update sa FB hahah. Plus, grabe ang bagyo!!! Hope you had an amazing day though. :)


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