UPDATE as of December 2020 - I shared my shopping experience at Tory Burch USA and Shipping Cart in this post.

UPDATE as of January 2019 - I blogged my latest shipping experience in this post

UPDATE as of  November 6, 2017 - I made another blog post documenting my second time to avail the services of Shipping Cart. Check out this post here

UPDATE as of October 19, 2016 : I wrote this post on December 22, 2015. Months after publishing, I was flooded with emails and comments. Unfortunately, most feedback relate negative experiences. I felt quite sad because I had a great experience with the company. While I acknowledge the negative experiences of other people, some have questioned the credibility of my post. This, I believe, is unfair. Not just because I had a great experience while others didn't, automatically translates to the question of credibility. In case you are dissatisfied with LBC Shipping Cart's services, don't place the blame on me. Blame the company and their inefficiency. Thanks. 

I have always been a loyal patron of Johnny Air. Of the rare times I purchase from US based online shops, Johnny Air has become my reliable partner. Instead of directly shipping items to my Philippine address, I learned the advantage of using cargo forwarding services like Johnny Air and POBox.ph Shipping is faster and I was able to avoid the unpredictable charges of the local customs office. 

I've blogged about my experiences with Johnny Air and POBox.ph. I had positive experiences although I have to say, it wasn't perfect. Johnny Air's selling point is speed that comes with a very unpredictable and hefty price tag. On the average, packages sent via Johnny Air arrive from 7-10 days from my experience. But since the charges are not something to love, I always limit my purchases to lighter and smaller items.

A little tip to those who have plans of availing Johnny Air's services, request for padded envelopes instead of boxes for your orders.

This goes with the assumption that your items can fit and become well protected even with padded envelopes. I noticed that charges become expensive when purchases are already stored even in the smallest boxes. Items delivered in pouches or padded envelop costs a little less than Php 1,000. You might not believe it, but I paid more for a Kate Spade wallet than this bigger Herschel bag.  Only because the wallet was already stored even in a very small box.

POBox.Ph is a good option because of the cheaper fee. Problem with this company is the prolonged delivery period. They use sea cargo as means for transporting goods. On the average, expect a little more than a month for delivery. Although what I appreciate about Pobox.ph, they deliver directly to your address. No additional charges. No need to take the hassle of visiting their office to claim. (I checked a while ago. POBox.ph already offers air cargo services.)

A cousin introduced to me LBC Shipping Cart late last year. He was claiming that delivery time is comparable with Johnny Air, but comes way cheaper.  In addition, Shipping Cart consolidates multiple orders in one shipment, which I believe Johnny Air already stopped doing. Also, since Shipping Cart is operated by LBC, orders are delivered right in the comforts of your home. 

I was initially hesitant to try LBC Shipping Cart because I'm satisfied with Johnny Air, setting aside the shipping charges. After so much reservations, I decided to give  LBC Shipping Cart a try during the Black Friday Sale.  

The process of using Shipping Cart works almost the same with POBox.ph. One has to create a personal account that generates an individual account number. The account number should always go with the US address of Shipping Cart because this will serve as your individual point of identification.

I remember when I was using POBOx.Ph, I was required to enter tracking details of my orders. This process is different with Shipping Cart. I don't have to do anything.  I only relied to the tracking services provided by the online shop and wait until everything is reflected to my account. Sounds good but at some point, I was worried because it felt like I can't do anything on my end.

Fortunately, all my shipments arrived at Shipping Cart's US address in California. Best about Shipping Cart, I received an email that my orders have arrived. I was also told that I have to wait for 3 business days for the items to reflect in my personal account. 

True enough, my online account got updated after two days. They also uploaded photos of my purchases. While I appreciate this service feature, others might not because this only means that they inspect and open your items. Some might see this as invasion of privacy especially when you purchase Victoria Secret lingerie?!? Hahahaha But seriously, while I appreciate the fact that I can see my purchases before they fly to Manila, I'm also worried that the items become prone to unintentional damages or lose some of its components during the opening and repacking process. 

When the arrival of my orders was posted in my personal account, I was given a computation of the fees I need to settle. Shipping Cart offers both air and sea cargo shipping. Obviously, sea cargo was the cheaper alternative. For the two items I purchased, I was quoted around Php 800. The cheaper rates come with the tradeoff of longer waiting period. It was estimated that I will receive my purchases by the end of January 2016. 

I also checked LBC Shipping Cart's rates for air cargo. I will be charged around Php 1,300. At this point, I was feeling that I made the right choice with LBC Shipping Cart. In the end, I chose air cargo because of the tolerable Php 400 difference. 

I was later given instructions on how to pay for the shipping fee. LBC Shipping Cart offers several payment options. 

1. Credit Card / Paypal - There's a promo for BPI credit card holders. If I'm not mistaken, 15% off for shipping fees for BPI credit card holders.

2. Bank Deposit - Shipping fees can be settled via cash deposit through BPI or BDO.

3. Any LBC branch - Visit any LBC branch and present the unique transaction code that will be generated after choosing this option.

I opted to pay through any LBC Branch. At this point, I thought I will have another fast and easy transaction. Unfortunately, it took me four LBC branches to settle the shipping charges.

LBC SM Manila branch - The service crew was not aware of LBC Shipping Cart's services. She sought the assistance of another service crew. I was told to wait for more than 15 mins. The ending, I was told that they cannot process my payment because their system has gotten offline. 

LBC Sta. Cruz, Manila branch - The service crew was not aware of LBC Shipping Cart's services. They don't know how to process my payment.

LBC Gateway Mall branch - The lady service crew looks disoriented. I was told that I have to pay when my package arrives on their branch. I told her that I opted for door-to-door delivery and LBC Shipping Cart does not offer branch pick up. I tried my best to explain everything. In the end, she just told me that their system has gotten offline.

I was starting to feel pissed off. I called LBC's 24/7 hotline. Unfortunately, it seems that they have limited Customer Service Representatives (CSR) for LBC Shipping Cart. The person who took my call documented my case and promised that a CSR will get in touch with me as early as 8 am. No one returned my call, it was nearing lunch time. This feels like a real test of patience. 

I decided to try one more LBC Branch. I went to LBC Concepcion I, Marikina branch. The first service crew that I approached had that disoriented look again. She sought the help of another colleague (I was expecting to be rejected). FORTUNATELY and after more than 10 years hahahahaha, I encountered a knowledgeable service crew.

I related my story with the knowledgeable service crew. She was surprised as well. In the end, she advised me that the next time I will end up with another disoriented employee, I should tell them that the payment account for LBC Shipping Cart is under R.E.M.S. in LBC's branch system. Instruct the employee to look for R.E.M.S and look for the Shipping Cart in the drop down box.  

The payment was finally settled after a test of time and patience. I checked my online account and was happy that my settled payment was already posted.

Tip for those who have plans of using Shipping Cart, despite my negative experiences , I believe it is still best to pay via any LBC branch. Payments are posted real time.  Also, the knowledgeable service crew was able to verify the contents of my shipment. Before payment, I was asked what items I was expecting in my package.  

I waited a few more days. I also get regular updates through my email. And finally, after 9 working days... tadah!

with a little damage

despite of this, the contents remained safe and in great condition 

I intentionally took photos near the oven toaster and rice cooker to give you an idea of the box's size. It's quite big and honestly, if I chose Johnny Air, I estimate that I would pay more than Php 2,500. I even have to drop by their SM Megamall branch for pick up.  If I opted for POBOx.ph, I would likewise end up paying around Php 2,000. In LBC Shipping Cart's case, this box only costed me around Php 1,300. 

Nine days for such size of the box is not bad for Php 1,300. I have to give credit to LBC because they delivered within time frame, given the peak of holiday shipments. Setting aside the inconvenience from the three LBC branches who refused to process my payment, everything went well.

My box has lighter items inside. In particular, two bags and a book. The shipping fees may differ depending on the weight of your items. Also, LBC Shipping Cart has different charges for electronic devices and items with batteries. It might work different when you purchase cameras, mobile phones, or luxury items such as jewelries, signature bags, etc. 

Thank you LBC Shipping Cart! This will not be the last time I will avail your services.