A pair of Tory Burch ballet flats has been in my wish list for as long as I can remember. I can't anymore recall how I discovered their classic ballet flats, which started from the defunct Reva style many years ago. When I bought Tory Burch's coffee table book, I discovered that Reva is the name of Tory Burch's mom. I never had the chance to purchase a pair of Tory Burch's iconic Reva flats. They eventually phased out this style and replaced with the Minnie Ballet Flats. 

I remember visiting Tory Burch's flagship store in Greenbelt 5 during my early years of working. Back then, a pair costs around Php 10,000. On the rare times I'm in Makati, I would enter the store to window shop and see the prices. The last time I checked, it retails for Php 13,000. There's no way I would spend such money for a pair of flats. This year, I saw a pair on sale from Tory Burch's Ph site. I inquired via email and much to my surprise, the regular pair of Minnie flats costs Php 15,650 (around $ 300) while the quilted version costs Php 16,450. But truth to be told, the temptation to purchase was so intense. :p I felt I deserved it. 

Come Black Friday Sale, Tory Burch offered a great deal. A 30% discount awaits for purchases amounting to $300. Almost a good deal except that the classic Tory Burch Minnie Flats ($ 228) is excluded. (Note, the classic Minnie flats was never included in their seasonal sale) But to my surprise, the quilted version, which is more expensive ($ 238), is included in the deal. I guess this will work for now. :) I looked for cheapest item included in the deal, which happens to be the monogram sticker, to complete the $ 300 total bill. You know the drill, add to cart and check out. :) 

Shipping Cart Review

However, the thrill of finally securing a pair does not end. Tory Burch USA does not internationally ship to Ph. I depended on my usual cargo forwarder, Shipping Cart to take care of the process. I have worries and all the negative thoughts but fortunately, Shipping Cart did not fail me. For those who are interested, here's my shipping timeline

November 28, 2020 - Ordered from Tory Burch.com
November 29, 2020 - Marked as shipped by Tory Burch
December 2, 2020   - Arrived at Shipping Cart's Hayward Address 
December 4, 2020  - Shipping Cart confirmed my item and added it to my cart. I also paid the shipping cost within the day. 
December 8, 2020.  -  My shipment departed from USA
December 15, 2020 -  My order arrived!!!!

It took 17 days for my package to arrived from Tory Burch USA to my Ph address. Considering Shipping Cart's timeline, the overall processing time was 13 days or almost two weeks. I believe this is not bad given the peak of holiday shipments and COVID-19 restrictions. 

As for the cost, I spent $ 20.14 to ship the shoes that was enclosed in another box with this dimensions : 12*5*4 inches and weighs 1.45 lbs. 

I spent around Php 10,000 (around $ 200) for this pair. Still expensive but way cheaper than PH's flagship store price of Php 16,450. (Pardon the photo, the classic Tory Burch Logo is actually in gold. It looks silver in the photo

The true test however, will it fit? I haven't physically tried a pair of this flats from the flagship store or in Rustan's. I read tons of reviews from the Tory Burch's site, blogs and You Tube vloggers. Most of them said it's true to size. I trusted Tory Burch's default size chart and reviews. My foot measures 25 cm, but I chose the 25.5 cm or equivalent to US Size 8.5. I had fears but to my surprise, the reviews did not fail me. 

For those who have worries on sizing, I strongly suggest to stick with Tory Burch's size chart. If you wish to size up, I only suggest sizing by 0.5 inches. (I love that Tory Burch offers half size intervals.) I tested the pair during my recent grocery trip and it felt a little snug. But since the leather is soft, it might loosen over time. Hence, I don't recommend buying in a larger size. 

I was somehow expecting blisters from my first pair, especially on the garterized area in the ankles. I usually acquire it from any type of closed leather shoes. But to my surprise, everything went perfectly comfortable. 

The pair can be folded and stored in the beautiful pouch provided. But I don't think I will be doing this. :) I prefer to store my pair unfolded. The soles were not slippery at all and look at those stitches. It's an indication of a well-made pair. 

Before I forget, Tory Burch US's site does not accept PH issued credit cards. However, I risked my chance. I entered my locally issued credit card and used my cargo forwarder's US address. I'm glad that everything worked. :p I hope Tory Burch will not change this system. Years ago, Kate Spade restricted this arrangement. I tried it this year and it worked again. 

Since Tory Burch and Shipping Cart did not fail me, I guess my next year's wish list will remain the same. I will definitely purchase another pair next year. :) But before that, I need additional work and all the motivation in the world to make it happen.

I also joined their contest. Post a review on their site and win $ 300 shopping spree. Hopefully, my entry will be selected. 

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