I've been meaning to write a decent post. But pending works never fail to bother me. I usually have the urge to write everything in a blog post. As soon as I start to write, thoughts of pending work will haunt me. I will shift to work mode but would feel so distracted. In the end, I don't accomplish anything. This has been me over the past months. I'm always distracted with workload and deadlines. On worst days, I have my silent crying episodes and all my other worries in life will connive. 

I decided to stop from working a few days before Christmas. But my mind tells otherwise. I started one task and sent some emails. I conditioned myself to rest so come next week, I'm back to full work mode at home. I work for a school and we usually have a two-week holiday break. But in my case, I think I never experienced it for several years. I always, bring home some work. I suddenly remember the role played by Emily Blunt from The Devil Wears Prada. I think I'm becoming Emily Charlton in my own world. I'm close to chanting, I love my job, I love my job, I love my job. :p 

But seriously, my mind is still running on pending tasks like modules to be prepared for the second semester, a major project assigned on me and two pending survey reports. It didn't help that one of my colleagues tendered resignation. 

Meanwhile, I'll try to keep everything lighter by recalling some good memories the past weeks

1. I got to meet my friend T a day before my birthday. I've been celebrating birthdays with this group of colleagues turned friends for almost a decade. We weren't complete but I'm glad that one managed to stay. I had ramen and coffee with T. 

2. My two colleagues surprised me on my birthday with the most awaited Mango Bravo from Contis. I was able to celebrate my birthday with senior friends at the workplace. It's been years since I got a surprise birthday treat.

3. I reported for work on my birthday and the surprises never stopped. 

4. I received something unexpected from a previous superior. These days I realized that more than shopping, I feel fulfilled when I'm able to extend help.

5. My colleague agreed to help me with my dashboard project. But I need to hand out some materials, which I have yet to complete. I hope this becomes successful because I'd like to believe half of my employment fate is dependent on the outcome of this project. 

6. I was able to complete my last minute grocery shopping before Christmas eve. Also, I was able to purchase that much awaited bed from Uratex. I went above my budget and splurge in the hope of acquiring a good sleep. But then I realized, eliminating those worries are the key to a priceless sleep. :p 

7. I had a great Christmas eve dinner with my family, courtesy of Grab Food and the local restaurants in Marikina. I don't anymore want to stress my parents for cooking and preparing meals. 

8. Video call from my family in the North and relatives from LA

9. Time with my paternal cousins in Marikina 

10.  Having Dad by my side and people still remembering my special brother

11. Postcards from Terra and Marieken 

12. Ending the first semester of online teaching 

I may have tons of worries now. But as always, life will make a way to bring some feel good reminders.