UPDATE as of December 2020 - I shared my shopping experience from Tory Burch USA and Shipping Cart in this post

UPDATE as of January 12, 2019 : I blogged about my my recent experience in this post

Two years ago, I shared my experience with Shipping Cart in this post. I was highly satisfied with the speed of delivery and cheapest shipping fee I've encountered. Unfortunately, the post was flooded with comments relating negative experiences.  It went to the extent that some readers accused me of misleading other people. It felt unfair on my end. In the first place, I wasn't responsible for their lost or delayed their packages. Also, just because I had a great experience and others didn't make me a less credible person. 

Despite having a different positive experience, I decided to try another cargo forwarding company on my next purchase. This company delivered fast, setting aside the unexpected hefty shipping fees. This year, I took the risk of returning to Shipping Cart. The succeeding part of this post relates my entire experience.

After years of having an inactive Shipping Cart account, nothing much changed in it's interface. The process remained the same. I used Shipping Cart's US address in California and distinct account number assigned to my name. I monitored my shipment sent via UPS until it reached Shipping Cart's address. Everything worked well in my second attempt. To give you an idea, here' a timeline of my shipping experience.

October 10,  2017 -  My package arrived at Shipping Cart's US Address
                                  Shipping Cart confirmed the arrival of the package thru email.

October 13, 2017 -  My package has been uploaded in my account.

I failed to pay my due immediately because Shipping Cart was having problems with payments mad via Paypal. Added to this, I was expecting a second package within two working days. 

October 17, 2017 - I settled my shipping fee. My package was ticked as "preparing for shipment." I was given an estimate of October 29, 2017 as possible arrival date.

October 23, 2017 - Package arrived to my doorstep.

Total processing time from arrival to confirmation to my account = 3 days
Total processing time from payment to delivery = 4 working days
Total Cycle Time = 7 days

Setting aside the minor problem with my Paypal payment, it took 7 working days for Shipping Cart to deliver my package right to my doorstep. This was the fastest cycle time I experienced with any forwarding company. 

More than the speed of service delivery, the cost of shipping is another critical consideration. I opted for air cargo and paid around Php 2,600. (Apologies, I forgot the exact amount.) The box's dimension is 14 x 14 x 6.5 inches.

Here's an actual photo of the box used by Shipping Cart.

I have already availed the services of Johnny Air,  Jinio and POBox.ph. If I used Johnny Air, I would surely pay more than Php 3,000. Same goes with Jinio, who claimed to "minify" or minimize packages in multiple shipments, but in practice, nothing is done to lessen space and costs. 

This brings me, one of the best features of Shipping Cart is their consideration in consolidating multiple shipments. I have two packages lined up for this shipment. My items came in multiple boxes, but Shipping Cart carefully consolidated everything in another box. 

Everything arrived safe!

My entire experience with Shipping Cart was great. Setting aside the little problem with my Paypal account, everything went well. Similar to my previous experience, I would recommend paying via OTC to any LBC branch. 

I also noticed a few developments in Shipping Cart's service features. Before they process your items, a photo of your shipment will be uploaded in your account. I noticed an improvement in the resolution of the photos. They even include the dimensions of the items. This promotes transparency and prevents doubts of overcharging. For those expecting multiple shipments, Shipping Cart allows a free 30-day storage. And as always, I highly appreciate that their team consolidate different shipments in one box.

Thank you Shipping Cart!