The past week has to be one of the longest. It felt like I had too much on my plate in a span of seven days. It started when I attended a conference away from the workplace.The venue, the magnificent Okada Hotel Manila. I heard so much about this premiere hotel since last year. True enough, I was overwhelmed by its luxuriousness. For a while, it felt like I’m in Macau again. If resources can accommodate, I wish to have an overnight staycation. Otherwise, I’m fine with a late afternoon stroll, dinner in Cafe Mary Grace or a frappe from Starbucks while waiting for the most awaited fountain show. Yes, the Okada has shops and affordable restaurants inside. Those who have plans of visiting, I highly recommend waiting for the fountain show that starts at 6 pm. You will be mesmerized with the humongous water park that can fit around two Olympic sized swimming pools.

After the short stint in Okada, I was back to my regular work life. A few meetings, unexpected tasks, annual trick of treat for kids and the most pressing task, the conclusion of my first semester classes. My Friday night classes are over. It was the last Friday I’m leaving work at 9 pm. I celebrated with myself :p by having dinner at Taco Bell and a slice of my favorite sansrival cake from Cafe Adriatico. I just need a few more tasks to finish (aka compute and encode grades), then I’m all done. I can finally savor the rare week long break. 

Having a full week break enabled me to attend on other personal concerns. Starting with my plan of having my facial warts removed. I got a great deal and treatment from Dermcare. The treatment was fast and painless. The wounds also got healed in a span of less than one week. My only mistake, I should have waited until the first day of vacay to have the treatment. I went to work with fresh wounds. So imagine all the second glances I gained. :p

After having a full week, waking up late this weekend was one of the best. Once I’m done with my students’ grades, I have all the time to watch K drama, movies, books and meet some good old friends. I hope everything will turn out great with this week long break.

Meanwhile, here are other beautiful things that made the past week

Lazy afternoon scene - A new coffee table book, ice cold lemon and huge cut potatoes

Megan Hess’ new book is love. This illustrated guide to the best place in Paris is now on my list of favorite coffee table books. 

And something from the mail :-) 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!