The past week started out good because work was suspended for two days. I have predicted the suspension of work on Monday, but not on Tuesday. Having an extended weekend could have been spent for an out of town getaway. But when your resources are depleted, the least you can do is stay home, order some good and cheap food delivery and watch a lot of movies or series. In my case, I did some decluttering activities. I sorted my books and took out useless items from my room. I feel a sense of accomplishment after seeing emptied spaces and bags of different items ready to be thrown away.

I’m always reminded of Marie Kondo’s principles whenever I declutter at home. An item that remains unused for a year might be useless at all. If it does not bring you happiness, you might need to throw it away. Avoid hoarding, especially during a mall wide sale. Refrain from purchasing storage boxes (I’m guilty of this), it gives you an opportunity to hoard. A lot of items at home can be repurposed and used as storage bins. Having excessive items also provides a breeding place for the usual house pests, which if can't be avoided can be addressed by companies like FL Exterminators or similar in your area. 

While typing this, I miss my copy of that book. Someone borrowed and never bothered to return. Sigh. I might feel a little consolation if the borrower bothered to read it. The book is quite expensive and I’ve been wanting to reread it. This brings me, another copy of Marie Kondo’s book would make it as a great Christmas gift. ;)

Other than Marie Kondo’s book, which I’m pretty sure I will be repurchasing for myself, I’m starting to come up with my Christmas list / targets. Starting of with my longest plan of opening a Pag-ibig MP2 account / investment. Added to this, revisiting and updating my savings account from the local cooperative. Keeping money in savings account from local banks is no longer an investment decision. The disheartening interest rates cannot even cope with inflation rates. These days, money placed in savings account are just emergency funds or documentary requirements for travel visa application. 

On the shallow material stuff, I’ve been wanting to own a Moleskine weekly planner journal for 2018, two items from Kate Spade: classic card case and the newly released book entitled She by Kate Spade, Nick Bantock’s Alexandria and Morning Star (even second hand copies), another ghost chair and this white TV rack. I almost forgot, the mirrorless camera!!! Those who have seen my Instagram and Facebook stories are aware of the unfortunate fate of my Sony point and shoot camera. :( The cheapest mirrorless I found was around Php 20,000. Where and how to get the funds? :( 

I think I blabbed so much. Here are some photos from the past week.

Coffee table books and my Anello bag - Thanks Anne for conniving with me ;) !!! It feels great to see a good old friend after so many months.

Weekend of chips and lemon juice - Instead of lemon water, I prefer real freshly squeezed lemon in ice cold water

Before I end this post, I finally found and remembered a nice theme for the past week. Know your worth. As always, there were push factors that forced this thought. Some things are not just worth my attention, time and effort. It was another week when I was reminded, it’s not always good to impress other people. I'm a slave ... to my desire to become a better version of myself. In my "ideal" world, that's how life should be. But reality has other plans. It's always a struggle of seeking someone else's approval and making all means not to lose your self-worth.