Confused was the past week's theme. Everything started when an unexpected opportunity came. Cliche as it goes, it knocks only once. I used to adhere to this principle, not until years of experiences changed me. I learned that not everything is worth the risk. Reading my words, one can easily deduce my decision. I'm not taking any chance. I sound frustrating and disappointing. If there's anything good that transpired, it's realizing (again) what I really want. I was on the same state almost a decade ago. Back then, I remained firm with my decision. My parents considered me hard headed. Looking back, I never felt any regret at all. This time, I intend to carry the same level of hard hardheadedness. I knew what I want and will never make any compromise. Typing this, I let out a long sigh. I hope everything will be worth it. 

So much of the serious side, the past week has it's own share of great experiences. One of which is the 100% defense passing rate of my thesis advisees. One of my best moments as an educator is when students personally see me to deliver, both good or bad news. They inform me way before posting the news in their Facebook accounts. ;) Rare times like these made me realize, a messed up person like me is still capable of getting the job done.

Friday ended so exhausting. In effect, I treated myself to another unhealthy breakfast on Saturday. ;)

Going home last Friday was disastrous. The continuous rain in the afternoon brought exodus in Manila's traffic. I was expecting everything to ease out after my evening classes. I thought everyone rushed home. Unfortunately, flood was everywhere. Walking along dark and flooded alleys will never be an option. I sought refuge from Uber, but everyone seemed to made the same decision. The ending, I arrived home on Saturday. :p 

There are days when my desire to look great intensifies. This usually happens after reading a chick lit or finishing TV series that showcased well dressed actresses.  I noticed in most K dramas that Zara, Theory and Self Portrait are the usual sources of the actresses' wardrobe. In addition, they go for muted colors of gray, navy blue, beige, black or white. I seldom see Korean actresses wear striking red, hot pink or anything floral. This could have been good news for me, if only I'm not overweight. Hahaha These days, it's a challenge to find anything good that would fit me.

This blue angel is my favorite find lately. For a change, it didn't come from China. It's made by local artisans and sold in SM Department Store's Kultura outlets. It's a Christmas decor, but I want to convert it as a brooch. 

It' s already half way October. Two more months before 2017 ends. Before the most awaited season, the government announced some unexpected holidays on November. It would have been nice if I can afford a travel getaway. A hotel staycation or a random trip in Hong Kong or Taiwan would be so great. But funds are nowhere to be found. :p I might as well content myself at home with a sumptuous food delivery. Since I don't have travel plans, I'm wishing that some freelance work will come along the way. :) 

Wishing everyone a great week  ahead!