Monday, October 9, 2017

Beautiful Sunday # 286 - Memories

I just got home after a long and tiring day. As much as I'd like to call it a day, some freelance works are waiting to be accomplished. Added to this, my mind is trying its best to recall anything significant last week. There were actually a lot. Too much that my planner cannot contain everything. Unfortunately, some details are not meant for sharing. ;) Otherwise, I might lose both my friends and day job responsible for my survival. :)

Some months ago, I remember sharing my thoughts about violating rules vs. breaking rules. In my own school of thought, there's a thin line of difference involved. Breaking rules is not tantamount to violation. In the course of time, some rules become obsolete and inapplicable. Some regulations tend to prevent the free flow of information and creativity. If someone did not take courage to break or challenge rules, more than half of the improvements or innovation we enjoy today would not have existed. Consider one of my favorite women, Beatrix Potter. She followed her heart and passion, even if it meant contradicting her family. It was a risk, but the outcome was all worth it. Her work became the timeless classic, Tale of Peter Rabbit. 

From my end, I had my share of challenging rules. Some ended as great decisions. It paved the way for some rare and significant accomplishments. In like manner, I had incidents of breaking rules. It's not something I wish to brag. But over time, I realized that both occasions made the best years of my life. :p  (I wish my students will not be able to read this.) In my lifetime, I learned that being highly compliant is too boring. Sometimes, being perfectly obedient does not lead you anywhere. In some days, life felt great when I was brave enough to take on the challenge. 

I'm not sure about everyone but in my case, breaking or challenging rules with the most trusted friends make the best stories. :p So here's a huge shout out to friends who came along. :D 

Enough of my outpour of thoughts, here are beautiful things that happened last week

Christmas is in the air - And just like that, stalls selling puto bumbong and bibingka are sprouting again.

Scored this nice Christmas coffee table book from Book Sale. It was a great deal at Php 35.

Yes to pork chicharon, perks of having an extended family from Bulacan 

Another season ending - So much stories and emotions in this photo 

How to have a quiet and relaxing weekend? - Episode 11 of My Golden Life is finally uploaded.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead! 


  1. "Breaking the rules with trusted friends" reminds me so much of our time spent in the university. Skipping classes just so we can score concert or uaap tickets (oops sorry profs) and other crazy things we did which we still talk about everytime we're together... they make the best memories. And apir tayo on beling compliant is boring. Sometimes we need to take that 'leap' so to speak hehe :)
    Have a great week ahead, Diane!
    PS. I love your sheets :)

  2. I agree! Minsan, masarap din yung feeling na kumawala sa nakagawian na.

    Naalala ko yung ibinahagi mo na rule sa workplace niyo na bawal gumamit ng cellphone kapag oras ng trabaho; nitong nakaraan lang, may ganyang rule na rin sa mga nagtatrabaho dito sa lugar namin sa city hall, bawal silang makitang gumamit ng cellphone kapag office hours (8AM-5PM), tapus kapag daw may nakitang empleyado na gumagamit ng cellphone ay maaari ring i-report ang pangalan :) So, di ko alam kung trend na ba ito sa ngayon...

    Sila ba yung mga students mo na gumawa ng film? :)

  3. I do agree that being too compliant could get pretty boring. I try to be resistant some of the time, not too much though! Just enough to not feel boxed in.


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