It’s been a great week-long break. Except for Christmas and Holy Week, it’s a rare chance to escape from my usual routine. Time was on my side. I was able to accomplish a lot of items in my list. Visit the salon, check examination papers, encode grades, clean my room, squeezed in a freelance work, attended some family related errands and finished some books. Everything seemed perfect except for the absence of a decent internet connection. In effect, I became dependent with my data plan and God knows how much fear I have for my next bill. Other than this little inconvenience, I’m feeling grateful for the past week.

I’m trying to narrow down my list of best things this week. Everything started with the rainy weather. I know, the rain is a hassle for most. In my case, I found comfort and relaxation from the cold weather. Some food like ramen tastes better in this kind of weather. I tried two different ramen and Tokyo Tokyo’s Siracha Beef Ramen made it for me. I love that it comes in sizes and since it’s Tokyo Tokyo, expect it to be budget friendly. (Typing this, I dream of having another bowl this week.) At home, I enjoyed my non-meat meals. I owe everything to my mother, who prepared my favorite pink salmon and steamed tilapia in butter and garlic.  In a way, I felt “detoxified” because I had a week of healthier meals. And even though I have limited movements at home, I don’t feel any sign of bloatedness. I was able to regulate my food intakes. It’s far from my usual appetite at work, where I always feel hungry. My only regret, I could have accompanied my week-long break with proper exercise. 

Other than relaxation, here are the other beautiful things that happened this week

On my table after a long day for errand – Sign of a good read, a lot of sticky notes some pages. 

Spotted: Something vintage at home

Yes to this quote!

Relaxing mornings 

After a long day outside

One last photo before Sunday ends

I spent much of my week long break at home. This quiet and laid back life felt so refreshing. Although once in a while, some life changing decisions haunt me. The need to grow up, leave comfort zone and embrace risks have become my regular visitors. I question myself if I’m choosing the right path. Gaaahd, I hate bringing up these thoughts. It leads to paralysis by overanalysis. I play with my thoughts, only to elevate my fears and worries. In the end, I don’t attain anything at all. Everything remains as a story filled with uncertainty. 

And speaking of stories, life is getting lighter whenever I watch episodes of my happy pill. ;) I’m referring to my favorite K drama, My Golden Life. The episodes are getting better every weekend.  It has always been worth the wait. For a K drama with 50 episodes, I love it’s quick pacing. It’s far from being slow, boring and dragging. There’s always a significant revelation every episode. And special mention to my friend Rose, who never fails to respond to my K drama tweets. Thank you Besh! I don’t feel like I’m always talking to myself. :D 

This post has gotten quite long.  I started writing on Sunday morning and had it set aside for Monday. It will be difficult and expensive to publish using my phone’s data plan. Nevertheless, I’m thankful for the past week. 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead! Hopefully, it will be productive and fulfilling.